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Member Since 31 Jan 2017
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Draytek Vigor 130 setup

3 weeks ago

So I got mine today but I can't seem to get a connection to it and no, I don't mean through the Duma.

I know about entering PPPoE username/password but it seems its the Draytek that won't connect, nothing to do with the Duma.

The Draytek doesn't seem to be plug n play despite even the manual saying so.


Any help will be appreciated :)

Thinking of changing BT HH...

4 weeks ago

So, talk to me guys.

What do you recommend?


A little info...


I'm on BT Infinity 55 down 9 up.


I have an ECI cabinet.


I know I had some suggestions before when I first changed to BT but forgot to write any of them down.

Behind the scene look at a IW server farm...

19 May 2017 - 03:33 PM

Nah... can't be... looks far too professional for Craptavision LOL.

Hardware setup

27 April 2017 - 09:38 AM

Ok, so right now I have the cable go from the box outside go through a hole in the wall to my room and hardwired into my router then ethernet cable to the Netduma.


Tomorrow when BT Infinity is setup, this won't be possible due to the phone line being downstairs, nowhere near my room.


So how have you guys got your fibre set up? 


Not sure if I want a 10+ metre ethernet cable going all the way up the stairs.

Changing ISP

22 March 2017 - 11:50 AM

So I've hopefully talked the billpayer into ditching Virgin for a new ISP.


So, who do you guys recommend? Needs to be good for gaming of course.


IDnet is out, too pricey.


Was thinking about BT but was with them a few years back and had nothing but problems with their idiotic customer service and ridiculously low speeds. Are they better now? Is Infinity any good?


Needs to have between 50mb and 100mb download speed.