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#173532 just when you think activision and call of duty could not get any worse!...

Posted by N3CR0 on A day ago

RIP CoD franchise.

#172430 SimJC74 Hits 1 Million Views!

Posted by N3CR0 on 2 weeks ago

Congrats Sim! :D

#172220 Best Gaming Modems (VDSL/ADSL) all providers UK

Posted by N3CR0 on 2 weeks ago

Completely disagree with the Draytek Vigor 130 being bad.

I've had one since around May 2017 and it not only lowered my ping but it improved my experience on IW ALOT.

It also stablises my line, compared to the BT Home Hub 6.

#172042 Any idea what's going on here? Weird BQM results

Posted by N3CR0 on 2 weeks ago

You've gotta line problem my friend. Welcome to the club! :D

Maybe your copper wiring is sitting in water like mine probably is :P

#171870 Pingplotter result.

Posted by N3CR0 on 3 weeks ago

Yikes, that looks about as expected with VM (the 100ms+ spikes) but your connection to the modem itself doesn't look great judging by the avg of 5ms. This should always be <1ms. Do you have another ethernet cable you can try, especially one that's shorter? If not just try running a plot to and see what happens. I did this on VM myself and found a lot of spikes and packet loss on the first hop to my Superhub.


:o Even mine didn't look that bad when on Virgin!

#171549 WWll......

Posted by N3CR0 on 3 weeks ago

SO glad I have yet to play this. Had it since launch (forgot to cancel my digital preorder) but am enjoying IW too much to bother with WW2.

Also, I played the WW2 beta and hated it.

#170761 opinions on line status

Posted by N3CR0 on 4 weeks ago

I would kill for a ping that low :o

#170290 FAO Zennon

Posted by N3CR0 on 17 January 2018 - 03:13 PM

Stats look just like mine except i get a little bit more speed and my connection is horrible how is yours N3CRO?


Stable as stable gets according to Pingplotter. I have some sort of line issue as I should be syncing 80mb down and my base ping is 22ms, should be 7ms.

#169790 SNR

Posted by N3CR0 on 12 January 2018 - 10:55 PM

You have a line fault and the DLM is dropping your line to add or subtract SNR and interleaving depth's.


It is not BT out trying to fix things.


When I get the chance, I'll plug the BT HH back in and post my line stats. Won't be for a few days due to work though.

#169789 SNR

Posted by N3CR0 on 12 January 2018 - 10:54 PM

I found it weird that my modem stats on my Smart Hub don't seem to line up with what's considered "good" or "typical", yet I've never had anything less than my estimated bandwidth, which just happens to match my guaranteed minimum and is what I pay for lol


Same. I've always gotten pretty much the max speed possible, pretty much whats paid for. On Virgin for some reason I seemed to get 213mb outta the 200mb we were paying for lol.

#169678 Nighthawk XR500 with DumaOS coming soon to UK.

Posted by N3CR0 on 12 January 2018 - 11:44 AM

Cool but sounds like the best option for now is to keep the R1.

#168940 Netduma ping problem and strict mode broken

Posted by N3CR0 on 07 January 2018 - 10:36 AM

you have something serious going on there looking at that graph..


That is the strangest graph I ever seen :/

#168688 Ww2 settings Xbox one

Posted by N3CR0 on 04 January 2018 - 06:35 PM

Turn off your Xbox and don't play this game. This is the best settings I have found.

#168534 Keep getting kicked from COD WW2

Posted by N3CR0 on 03 January 2018 - 02:04 PM

I can't say for sure this is what's happening with WW2 as I only made it 20 levels before deleting it (GREAT connections... -_-), but I know for a fact that when searching for a game in BO3, you'd connect through a player who would host the prelobby in order to make up a match before transferring to a server. In past games you could set your home in the ocean and use ping assist only reliably (as if you were using the CoD ultimate profile) and find games under your preferred max latency cap. However in BO3 and IW you'd have to use a higher ping assist value just to connect to local servers to allow for these lobby hosts, most of which usually seem to have crappy jittery connections. For example I get <30ms to the UK, France, Netherlands and Germany servers, but if I set ping assist to 30ms it'll take me 15 minutes to find a TDM if I'm lucky. Sometimes it might connect to a local lobby host but strict mode being enabled would see me instantly kicked from the lobby if it tried to transfer to a server outside of my radius or above my ping assist value. However if I set it to something like 50ms it would allow the connection to the lobby host and then I could connect to the server, even if I get 7ms to said server.

What I've found works is putting my home location in the ocean, shrinking the radius so it covers no land, UNTICKING strict mode and then reducing ping assist from the usual value of 50ms as per the CoD ultimate profile. Ping assist works to find connections up to a certain latency which may fall outside of your radius, which is good if you find low latency connections at a greater than expected distance (this will usually be a solid connection of course) or mislocated low latency servers, while strict mode forces you to connect inside your radius OR to lobbies that fall under your ping assist cap. Strict mode off means you can connect to SERVERS outside of your radius but not lobby hosts. I've found unstable lobby hosts tend to be more problematic than slightly higher latency servers, especially as a game on say 40ms plays a metric fuckton better than 7ms lol. What this method means is you can improve the quality of the lobby host and this should mean the game will play better on any server. It's also very unlikely a local lobby host will connect to a distant (>50ms) server anyway.

In short you can find more games, better lobby hosts AND you're far less likely to get kicked.


For IW, what I'm doing now is having my radius around the UK @ 280miles... strict mode OFF... with ping assist on 40ms (since my base ping is 20ms)


Wether that would help for WW2, who knows...

#168033 IPv6 keeps turning itself on

Posted by N3CR0 on 28 December 2017 - 06:02 PM

I think you would have to put your PPPoE details into the Draytek to get a connection (I could be wrong though). I’m not even sure if there is the option to enter PPPoE details. I didn’t familiarise myself with the Draytek’s GUI when I had one.


I think there *might* be, not 100% sure though.