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#179027 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by N3CR0 on 4 days ago

Sounds to me like a legal issue and they're just trying to cover their own ass if DumaOS doesn't work as planned on the R1's.

I'm sure if that happened and there was no going back to old firmware, there would be alot of angry folk on here demanding their money back.

Nothing wrong with covering all angles.

#179023 Weird stuff happening on PingPlotter, and some questions

Posted by N3CR0 on 4 days ago

Nothing out of the ordinary there WiFi drops packets forget DSLreports It is not a local test.


As for throttling a said device this causes issues across the board on many routers I have tested and why I only use share excess.


Use Ethernet set your CC to 70% share excess, stop worrying and start enjoying gaming :)


He can't enjoy gaming until he figures out why his experience in IW is nothing like anyone one elses  :P

#178666 The R1 not value now,all now is xr500

Posted by N3CR0 on A week ago

No, there are no issues that I know of either. I have had mine since UK release and it works perfectly fine.


Had no issues with mine neither :)

#178565 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by N3CR0 on A week ago

 Im a 6.0 220 pound 


The hell has your height and weight got to do with anything!? LOL!

#178203 Network Cables

Posted by N3CR0 on A week ago

Should just be fully unshielded twisted pair lol

Yeah, I Googled it then edited ;)

#178057 PUBG + Duma OS

Posted by N3CR0 on A week ago

Spectating mode is like having the geofilter disabled but show hosts enabled on the R1? :)

It's always good to be able to keep tabs on things even if you don't want to tighten matchmaking parameters.


Yep. Its what I use so I can still see what server I'm on even though I don't use the geo. Amazing feature!


Posted by N3CR0 on 2 weeks ago is working just fine for me :)

#177139 xr500 Doesnt work for me........

Posted by N3CR0 on 3 weeks ago

For one thing i'm not tech savvy as stated before in previous posts. So telling me to do what you said above is like telling me something in Russian. Your confusing me . The advertising says lowers ping. If i run speed test on chrome i've got 8ms, on the netduma interface it tells me i've got 23ms or there about. Also how am i supposed to find these higher ping servers? through absolute trial and error i guess. Is there a list of these servers anywhere. So what does the netduma actually do to help the average joe to get a descent LAG FREE game. Im suppossed to sit on forums for hours on end in the hope some random person can give me a jewel of wisdom. Crazy


I didn't know hardly anything about networking when I first got the R1 a little over a year ago.

Now I know probably 100% more than I did then.

Stick around the forum and you'll learn mate.

Everyones gotta start somewhere :)

#176804 How to setup pppoe

Posted by N3CR0 on 4 weeks ago

Also with the xr500 is it the same principle port 1 of bt hub to port 1 of xr500 then into the bt hub dmz or can the xr500 just be on its own


Port 1 to port 1 yes. XR500 isn't a modem/router combo :)

#176710 MTU setting?

Posted by N3CR0 on 4 weeks ago

Mine is set to 1492 as this is what its supposed to be for my fibre connection.

Of course my Xbox is set at 1480 since you can't change it on there but I've never had any problems with them not matching.

#176709 Base Ping Increased?!!!

Posted by N3CR0 on 4 weeks ago

Been there. My ping went from 7ms to as high as 33ms during Dec til last month and I lost over 50% of my speed.

Second time its happened since being with BT (the first there was a problem and they fixed it) but this time, even an OR engineer couldn't find a problem.

Eventually, my speed came back and ping dropped back to 7ms, no reason at all.


Anyways, since you've only just gone over to fibre, what Zennon said is probably the case, just wait a few days and all should be well :)

#175917 WAN Disconnect issue every 2 days

Posted by N3CR0 on 15 March 2018 - 09:47 PM

In Settings/Internet Setup, do you have Connection mode set to Always On?


I had a similar problem where I had it set to Dial On Demand. It should be set to Always On.

#175907 Netduma R1 not working correctly

Posted by N3CR0 on 15 March 2018 - 06:41 PM

Thanks guys!!!


Had a great night on the game, this a great bit of kit the difference is so noticeable!!!


Going from a under1 K/D  to over 2 now


Appreciate the fast response as well

Indeed. Without my Netduma, I wouldn't be almost 2.7k/d player now.

#175761 What do you do when you are incredibly bored?

Posted by N3CR0 on 14 March 2018 - 03:33 PM

Some of us like to swing le ban hammer :D

#175490 XR500 issues.

Posted by N3CR0 on 12 March 2018 - 05:39 AM

No more disconnects so looks like its problem solved. Was just me being a dumbass haha.

Thanks for the help guys :)