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#157392 Bug with DSL reports

Posted by N3CR0 on 2 days ago

I get A+ every time yet my hit detection isn't that great.

#156797 finally im using the netduma right

Posted by N3CR0 on A week ago

@N3CR0 im not using the geo filter, keep a look out in the map (zoomed out).  Im getting a states server at least a few times a night session.


@a7legit sounds possible


I check it at the beginning of every match mate. I've never been outside of the EU.

#156757 finally im using the netduma right

Posted by N3CR0 on A week ago

I have noticed over the last couple of weeks IW matchmaking has changed. Do you think this has contributed to your better games? (now 9months in. @A7Legit)


It has??? I haven't noticed anything... still completely uneven as always.

#156491 Stop posting BO3 A7.

Posted by N3CR0 on 2 weeks ago

Yeah stop posting A7. You're just feeding my hatred for you and your perfect hit detection even more! :P


Btw, you use a Scuff or stick n move/bumper jumper?

#156376 BufferBloat test

Posted by N3CR0 on 2 weeks ago

results from dsl reports are not quite accurate and can be a bit misleading. If you want to test the quality of your connection you would be better using pingplotter!


I don't trust DSLReports as they always show ping fluctuation that Ping Plotter doesn't, therefore I think DSLR is inaccurate.

#155573 Draytek Vigor 130 setup

Posted by N3CR0 on 3 weeks ago

Tried it, it didn't work but...



When I changed a setting from ADSL to VDSL it connected and now everything is working as it should :)

#155551 Draytek Vigor 130 setup

Posted by N3CR0 on 3 weeks ago

did you give it a try?


Been busy today mate. Gonna give it a try in the morning :)

#155415 Thinking of changing BT HH...

Posted by N3CR0 on 3 weeks ago

Already ordered the Draytek but thanks anyways :)


What benefits am I gonna see with the Draytek over the BT HH, espc. when it comes to gaming?

#155269 problems with DSL Reports

Posted by N3CR0 on 4 weeks ago

Do not rely on a remote site test, use a local test like ping plotter after the 14 days trial it becomes the free version.


I have no clue why people have got obsessed with a remote tester, for me only a local test will yield the correct results.


Exactly. I find DSLReports inconsistent. When I was on Virgin, according to DSLR I had less BB than what I have now on FTTC :/


Also, I always have A+ on BB and still had bad hit detection alot of the time.

#155030 Bad Hit det. , need help

Posted by N3CR0 on 4 weeks ago

I wish I could test with fiber connections, either to the node/cabinet or legit fiber to the home. Maybe I am cocky but I think I can replicate the same results I have now, maybe even better.

I moved homes, I have 2 ISP services in my new home and both are like the old connection. Though both are HFC...

 Come to my house and replicate it for me please :D

#153932 DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

Posted by N3CR0 on 12 July 2017 - 09:04 PM

It's true we've been waiting but in all honesty, the router already has a great featureset, it's the user who just needs to tweak their settings to get it right.


Exactly. Mine is working perfectly so I'm more than happy to wait for DumaOS :)

#153778 Negative Crypto Keys and Salvage Wiped

Posted by N3CR0 on 11 July 2017 - 02:31 PM

Its pretty clear IW couldn't care less about this game.

They clearly don't test weapons before releasing them and with all the other fuck ups they've made and keep making.

I think they just counting their losses and its been like that since the beta.

#153647 Is Netduma and ultra high speed pay to win?

Posted by N3CR0 on 10 July 2017 - 03:28 PM

If it were pay to win, we'd all be getting nukes every match lol.


EDIT : $200 - 300 a month for internet!??? Screw that! 


EDIT : This guy has no idea what he's talking about... I know when I'm shooting a Netduma owner coz I'll shoot them 4 times and they kill me in one...

ok then, there must be at least 2 Duma owners in every lobby I've ever played LOL.

#153594 BO3's lobbies.

Posted by N3CR0 on 10 July 2017 - 09:44 AM

Yes, I'd like that too but what I mean is that I, my lobby is full of noobs I ended up carrying the whole @$&@# team. I go negative all the time.


This is me on IW... except the going negative part.

#153504 Xbox one bad ping in test valutating

Posted by N3CR0 on 08 July 2017 - 01:07 PM

Yes they do, mine is nice and low now too, like 15ms. (Used to always show 160ms).

This seems to be a very recent change.


Yeah, about a month ago or so I think.