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Member Since 31 Jan 2017
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In Topic: Surprise

2 days ago

No UK server? Wow, you're missing out on the absolute best games there mate <_< lmao


UK servers are fine for me on CoD but not on WW2.

In Topic: Surprise

3 days ago

Quite surprised you can find games with it there.

I have my geo here for WW2 and struggle to find matches of Domination at times.



In Topic: 4k gaming monitors... talk to me...

3 days ago


Perhaps this one like to you?
Dell 3008WFP Ultrasharp 30 - inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor


Too big, not 4k, not even a gaming monitor...


Anyways, I'm happy with my new Asus VP28UQG :)

In Topic: Any help appreciated...

6 days ago

pingplotter results




I'd say that looks just fine. Pretty much no jitter, no spikes.

In Topic: Pingplotter results - need feedback

A week ago

Putting the PingPlotter test setting 'interval' on 2.5 will give you a better idea on jitter.


Anyways, it can be seen you do have alot of jitter.

Might you be on cable internet? As it sure looks like it.