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In Topic: just when you think activision and call of duty could not get any worse!...

A day ago

RIP CoD franchise.

In Topic: How do I release the IP?

6 days ago

Exactly what Fraser said, we all have problems sometimes and have to plug in our ISP provided equipment for a bit.

In Topic: IPv6 and congestion control issues

6 days ago

Hi guys,


I've recently read xbox recommends IPv6 for the best possible multiplayer experience 



Many on here have reported that their experience was worse using Ipv6 and would suggest not using it.

In Topic: Bufferbloat issues on R1

A week ago

Were you using the ISP provided router before you bought the Linksys?

Its commonly known not to use the ISP's equipment and that *may* have been the problem.

In Topic: SimJC74 Hits 1 Million Views!

2 weeks ago

Congrats Sim! :D