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Member Since 31 Jan 2017
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In Topic: Same issues as 7gtv

A day ago

I reckon something is definitely up with WWII, and I'm hoping Black Ops 4 will resolve some outstanding network issues. 


Tbf, thats what we were hoping with WW2 and that game has more connection issues than any CoD game before it.

Don't count on it, thats all I can say.

In Topic: Proof Virginmedia don't Care for their Customers.

A day ago

The cabs round here are often left open for days like that, I'm shocked no idiots have come along and ripped out or snipped the wiring.

This is Open Reach who maintain these ones so I guess they couldn't care less neither.

In Topic: Can we please have an official date

2 days ago

So if they miss it,  everyone bitches about it again?

That would be a mistake :)

In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

4 days ago

Sounds to me like a legal issue and they're just trying to cover their own ass if DumaOS doesn't work as planned on the R1's.

I'm sure if that happened and there was no going back to old firmware, there would be alot of angry folk on here demanding their money back.

Nothing wrong with covering all angles.

In Topic: Weird stuff happening on PingPlotter, and some questions

4 days ago

Nothing out of the ordinary there WiFi drops packets forget DSLreports It is not a local test.


As for throttling a said device this causes issues across the board on many routers I have tested and why I only use share excess.


Use Ethernet set your CC to 70% share excess, stop worrying and start enjoying gaming :)


He can't enjoy gaming until he figures out why his experience in IW is nothing like anyone one elses  :P