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In Topic: Netduma en Média Bridge

A day ago


Quel est ton objectif?

In Topic: modem vdsl2 orange compatible netduma

A day ago



aucune des boxs des FAI français n'est performante.

Tu peux utiliser des modems externes si tu es en connexion ADSL et que tu n'as pas besoin de la télévision ou du téléphone (connexion PPPOE).

In Topic: Destiny 2 PVP on PC is a disgrace!

3 days ago

Just decide to give Destiny 2 PVP and the DUMA router another chance since the Warmind DLC came with weapong buffs. Sadly the PVP is still shit, at least for me. I´m always getting kicked by error BEABER, im getting melted in every single 1v1 gunfight, i join American lobbies (Im from Ecuador South america) with 110 to 130 ms.


Any help would be appreciattd. My setting are on the pictures. 

What are your port forwarding rules?

In Topic: DumaOS R1?

A week ago

Toujours rien non plus côté staff.


2 weeks ago

Nice. Très bonne touche.