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#181999 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by ChriscomIT on A day ago

This just proves that the announcement that DumaOS was delayed was just a blatant lie.
They said it was ready but needed to be able to rollback.
Now they are saying it's needs loads of work to be ready and is a huge undertaking

Yeah, this is absolutely correct and I must fully agree. I got a new answer from ND which clearly states we will get DumaOS when its ready/as soon as possible. So that "just a few more weeks" statement was officially dismissed now and the timeframe to expect the update is unknown at this point. Could be 1 week could be one year. I won't post the new ND answer here before Colonic gets a complete freak out just check the FB conversation. 

Funny thing is that they couldn't update the post in here with this information/official statement of an unknown timeframe (dismissal of "just a few more weeks" statement). They actually force us to switch over to FB. And last but not least, there is not any word anymore about backward compatibility.

#181991 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by ChriscomIT on 2 days ago

Totally feeling you on this, I bought my laptop end of 2015 and Microsoft still havent brought out Windows 11, pissed right off.who do these developers think they are making great inventions that we all use on the daily,idiots.

You somehow missed the point, huh? Let me know if I am wrong. It's not funny and it's not the same not even in the closest. You know there was the April 2018 big update for Win10 released weeks ago. You know didn't ya.

#181959 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by ChriscomIT on 2 days ago

I asked on Facebook about it and just got that generic nutting saying at all answer:

"Hi Christoph - our development team is working very hard to get DumaOS ready as soon as possible. It is a mammoth amount of work, more so than we anticipated. We are working on making DumaOS available to you all as soon as we can so we can then start making lots of new features for you guys."

Looks like 2 more years are ahead. If anyone interested this was my answer to them:

Yeah I know and I believe you but you saying this now since a long time (over 1 year). And it was given the 17th of April as a final release date. Then you delayed again and said just a few weeks. You have no excuses here anymore. Just get it done 4 fook sake."

Yeah, in the end, this sound for me not like "just a few weeks more" it sounds more like its ready when its ready but we don't have the slightest clue when this will be.

Update: Ian himself chimed in. If anyone is interested this is his answer:


"The R1 has been updated many times with many ground breaking features including ping assist, peer ping, profiles and so on. We're working on releasing DumaOS asap and a mammoth amount of work is required, more so than we anticipated.

DumaOS did not exist when you bought the R1. We are offering radically new software to our R1 buyers free of charge. Years of man-hours have gone into developing this new software as well as overcoming the technical difficulties of porting it to older hardware.

So please be assured that we are working on making DumaOS available to you all as soon as we can. 

Many thanks

Iain (founder and CTO)"


I won't share my answer to this here in the forum but if you want to know it just have a look at their Facebook page.

#181854 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by ChriscomIT on 3 days ago

Even though what your saying is true, personally speaking , I'm hearing the same excuse as too why the update hasn't come to fruition. In fact most of these excuses have come from no one that actually employed by Netduma. 


At this point, I dont want to hear about how great it is that Netduma teamed up with Netgear. I dont own an XR500 and I'm never going to own one. 

So good for Netduma and Netgear, but I couldn't care less. The previous delays occurred before the integration, didn't it ? 


Lets face it, Netduma has not been accurate about statements concerning delivery time for DumsOS, so it seems like they are lying now.

How can you believe anything that comes from them at this point. 


I'm annoyed that the CEO hasn't followed up with an explanation as why we haven't seen the update. Its been more than a few weeks now. 

He owes everyone here that. It cant make matters worse than they are. IMO they ruined any credibility they had. If anything , it may save what little credibility that can get from me. 


It might be pointless to complain about it , I wont sit silently by either and allow this to occur without conveying my feelings redundantly. 

 Wiiuu wiiiiuuu CRYBABY alert. Just kidding mate! You are on point. Sorry making jokes is the thing for me to overcome this ridiculous situation!

#181527 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by ChriscomIT on A week ago



It was 17th April but nevermind. The essence of what you saying is pretty clear even if its just a guess. And I pretty much agree sadly.

#181433 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by ChriscomIT on A week ago

I keep my mouth shut before I get permanently removed from this forum. But there is a clear picture drawing on the horizon. Nuff said on this topic it's ready when its ready or not.

#181324 QOS Active and Lag is terrible

Posted by ChriscomIT on A week ago

Ok, I just have results from PC side. I see the standpoint for consoles and I totally agree. And yes most routers have a basic DDOS prevention implemented in the firewall but most of them are really weak IMO and if you're not an advantage user it's very tricky to harden them right for all kinds of DDOS attacks. Therefore I see the usage of a VPN as a quick and smooth variant for the basic user to conquer DDOS attacks if someone is gaming on PC and indeed have a good VPN provider/stable line. I personally prefer to play without VPN too but I as well experienced situations of DDOS attacks in CS: GO league matches and Overwatch. Ye no question that hidemyass is the last crap ;-).


#181321 QOS Active and Lag is terrible

Posted by ChriscomIT on A week ago

@xlr8r      why on god's earth would you or anyone else want to game over a vpn? It is worse than gaming over wifi, it is one of the most stupidest things to do for gaming.  I am not saying you are stupid, but the act of gaming over vpn is a stupid thing to do!

Why is it a feature then at least on the R1 to battle DDOS attacks?? IMHO if you have a good line and a high-quality VPN provider there is not a real difference for the average gamer/user besides the positive effect that you are save from DDOS attacks (which is a serious thing nowadays sadly) with the most game engines. Not a question about the wifi thing. There are good solutions out for wifi but surely they never will have the same quality of packet/data flow as an ethernet adapter.

#180750 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by ChriscomIT on 2 weeks ago

OMG, are there still some crying around here? Do you think that by continuing to cry and putting nonsense here they will solve something? or will they make DumaOs come out earlier?


Stop and touch the noses with your post nothing useful and the worst of all is that they are always the sad four ... always sadder life must have to spend the day in the forum posting shit. Not that their lives were out of a firmware ... make them look ...

 Wow, you seem to be very upset. More in life then we people about DumaOS. Just my opinion. And even if you don't get it like it seems which is clearly to see then just let us cry. Your post was the most unproductive post in here. And we already know that they give a shit about all us crying which are legit community members/buyers. But that just gets their rep more down and down. 

No Duma OS won't come out earlier but it's their fault, not our so we have all right to post somewhere and let our frustration and opinion out about it. And btw you are here as well posting and spending a time of your day here. I don't want to argue but you clearly made a fool out of yourself. Thank you.

#180607 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by ChriscomIT on 2 weeks ago

is there any good news coming in the horizon

Simply NO.

#180563 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by ChriscomIT on 2 weeks ago

Then, if we delete that plague of new threads, we'll get accused of 'violating free speech' and 'censorship' by people that have absolutely no understanding of 'freedom of speech' but they say it because they think it sounds clever.



Funny. Nice glass ball u must have.

#179535 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by ChriscomIT on 4 weeks ago

I am sorry you feel that way, but they are not messed up. All good things come to those who wait.


Wait until when? Until I am a grandpa?? Until everyone has 1Gbps standard internet speeds? Every day that passes the R1 hardware gets more and more to its EOL cycle. Some people including me already have the issue that R1 has a hard time to handle our full line speeds. And as well to consider that back then before 2 years that promised and in short should be released DumaOS made the decision for me to buy the R1 as I wasn't fully convinced with the actual OS which I tested before buying at my friends R1. I repeat myself but there are enough reasons why there is not much room left anymore for waiting and further delaying.

#179372 Using a manual DNS R1

Posted by ChriscomIT on 4 weeks ago

I switched to Cloudflare DNS just because I was curious about the benefits. Did some benches and I have a lower DNS latency of around 5ms to 10ms and very speedy website response. Good recommendation.

#178741 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by ChriscomIT on 18 April 2018 - 01:56 AM

So, I've been reading these comments for the past 24 hours about NetDuma once again postponing the date for the new OS, and even though I'm highly upset about it, I can't complain as this has happened in the past.


This whole argument on both sides is a bit ridiculous, but on some levels understandable. I understand why people are upset, and I also understand their complaints, which I think the mods are not completely understanding the business logic behind one of the complainers comments (no hard feelings, and not to insult). BUT... I do think the mods are being somewhat mature in their responses instead of the typical "You guys suck, its not out yet blah blah blah" response. 


To defend the complainers, I agree with the fact that we've been waiting (including myself) for almost more than two years now since we've heard that DumaOS was going to be released. The reason for the release was because Netduma wanted to change the gaming router that no other router company could accomplish before, which was no lag spiking, no bufferbloat problems etc, and everyone jumped for joy and pissed themselves waiting for an arrival of this update. The problem: Netduma has said time and time again that they would release it in Fall 2016, Spring of 2017, another date, and again today, still with no update. To defend one of the comments made by a complainer, as i remember, his complaint was from a business aspect, explaining that customers should not be waiting this long for an update, especially if they have said over and over that it will be released soon. In the business world, this is terrible communication and marketing and I can fully agree that maybe there should be a change in better communication.


To defend the mods perspective on the situation, I can agree with them on the fact that everyone in here is being childish as all hell over it without even being able to state any logical argument to prove themselves (only a couple in here have been able to do so). I can agree that Netduma might be making a bit of an excuse over this just a tad, but I don't think they would purposely be lying to the customer just to support them buying the new Nighthawk. Even if they ARE giving out DumaOS for free in the near future, understanding business, don't you think that they might be making something out of giving it for free? like more purchases of their routers for the new OS?


What I'm not agreeing with on both sides, which happens very often on these forums, is that the mods and the customers can never get along, or ever come to an understanding when it comes to specific opinions on certain matters (Yes, I've run into a problem with a mod myself, who will be unnamed, but problem was solved and him and I are okay now). By everyone arguing over whos mature, whos not, why is it not released, blaming the company, blaming customers, blaming mods and staff etc, you're not getting anywhere by arguing. At this rate, just let Luke and the rest of the team do what they have to do to finish the product and their problem with this, and we should hopefully have it soon.


Now, someone said that Netduma should release the product with an agreement that allows us to have it without the BC temporarily to fix this problem. Now THAT I agree with, but I doubt it will happen. 


Sorry, but this had to be said. :)

Don't want to down talk you, as I clearly get your sight. But the slight mention of bugs in this thread is censored. So how to prove this "childish" logical arguments?

#178736 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by ChriscomIT on 18 April 2018 - 12:18 AM

Mhh you a bit selective or do I deceive myself? However, after rereading the announcement from ND it simply seems they had not enough time besides the NG deal to implement the backward compatibility upfront in time even it was clear way before regarding the legal terms. Just my opinion and the last statement I will make on this topic. Well, see how long this delay is... fingers crossed... thumbs pressed until they crack.


ps: yeah, because you edited my comments instead of hiding them.well played.