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In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

A day ago

This just proves that the announcement that DumaOS was delayed was just a blatant lie.
They said it was ready but needed to be able to rollback.
Now they are saying it's needs loads of work to be ready and is a huge undertaking

Yeah, this is absolutely correct and I must fully agree. I got a new answer from ND which clearly states we will get DumaOS when its ready/as soon as possible. So that "just a few more weeks" statement was officially dismissed now and the timeframe to expect the update is unknown at this point. Could be 1 week could be one year. I won't post the new ND answer here before Colonic gets a complete freak out just check the FB conversation. 

Funny thing is that they couldn't update the post in here with this information/official statement of an unknown timeframe (dismissal of "just a few more weeks" statement). They actually force us to switch over to FB. And last but not least, there is not any word anymore about backward compatibility.

In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

2 days ago

Totally feeling you on this, I bought my laptop end of 2015 and Microsoft still havent brought out Windows 11, pissed right off.who do these developers think they are making great inventions that we all use on the daily,idiots.

You somehow missed the point, huh? Let me know if I am wrong. It's not funny and it's not the same not even in the closest. You know there was the April 2018 big update for Win10 released weeks ago. You know didn't ya.

In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

2 days ago

For someone that has nothing more to say on the subject, you post on this thread an awful lot.

Yeah and now what? 

In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

2 days ago

I asked on Facebook about it and just got that generic nutting saying at all answer:

"Hi Christoph - our development team is working very hard to get DumaOS ready as soon as possible. It is a mammoth amount of work, more so than we anticipated. We are working on making DumaOS available to you all as soon as we can so we can then start making lots of new features for you guys."

Looks like 2 more years are ahead. If anyone interested this was my answer to them:

Yeah I know and I believe you but you saying this now since a long time (over 1 year). And it was given the 17th of April as a final release date. Then you delayed again and said just a few weeks. You have no excuses here anymore. Just get it done 4 fook sake."

Yeah, in the end, this sound for me not like "just a few weeks more" it sounds more like its ready when its ready but we don't have the slightest clue when this will be.

Update: Ian himself chimed in. If anyone is interested this is his answer:


"The R1 has been updated many times with many ground breaking features including ping assist, peer ping, profiles and so on. We're working on releasing DumaOS asap and a mammoth amount of work is required, more so than we anticipated.

DumaOS did not exist when you bought the R1. We are offering radically new software to our R1 buyers free of charge. Years of man-hours have gone into developing this new software as well as overcoming the technical difficulties of porting it to older hardware.

So please be assured that we are working on making DumaOS available to you all as soon as we can. 

Many thanks

Iain (founder and CTO)"


I won't share my answer to this here in the forum but if you want to know it just have a look at their Facebook page.

In Topic: Deep packet processing ; R1

3 days ago

It's mostly useless if you are not a PC gamer as already said. As well its very badly implemented in the current software in my opinion. So it brings no advantage to network monitoring and even the host analysis feature doesn't work any matter if DPI enabled or disabled. Only thing I use it for is when using hyperlane but I really doubt its needed as the implementation is very bad and the engine is super outdated.

Cant really tell/see (with debug tools) a difference between enabled and disabled instead of that when enabled your bandwidth is capped to a certain amount (around 70 Mbps if I remember correctly from my tests but could be less).