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Netduma Fraser

Top 5 Plays

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Hey guys, a lot of you are making videos now which is awesome to see, if you weren't aware we are doing another Top 5, this time with some prizes! 


Top 5 Logo.png


Same as before send your ~30s clips to [email protected], at least 720p quality if possible, please don't overlay any music on it. Any games are accepted, good luck! :)


Deadline is this Friday so get them in quick!

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nice, i totally forgot about the netdumas top5 plays! :)


will definitely participate and am currently uploading my clip haha


Awesome, look forward to seeing it! 


Fraser I'm telling you brother,if a T-shirt is given away as a prize I'm hopping in my plane and coming to visit duma headquarters... :angry:


Haha don't worry they'll be available very soon!

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