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Cricket before body protection

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I've just been catching up on BBC sport and noticed that ex England cricket captain Brian Close passed away today at 84 yrs old pretty good innings Brian RIP but what struck me was a video in 1976 when West Indian Michael Holding was bowling at Close at the age of 45 with no helmet no upper side or elbow protection just gloves and pads i shouldn't be surprised but the video on the BBC website hit me back just how lucky there weren't any more casualties back in the day especially after and sadly Aussie Phil Hughes was hit in the back of the head wearing a helmet earlier this year.


Here's the vid from youtube just seeing Brian Close who was 45 then taking on Michael Holding makes you think how lucky batsmen are these day's.




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You don't need to go that far back to see similar stuff


I played to a semi good standard and faced a few Quickies fastest being clocked at 92mph when i was about 18 so in 1998. Me being sensible i wore a helmet but i can remember facing him without a helmet on a slow pitch which drove him mad.


But keeping wicket i never wore a helmet, and i have the scares to prove it, 8 stitches above my eye from being hit by the ball.   

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