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Geo-Filter Question.....

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Hey all, 

when playing WW2 last night, I seemed to be getting thrown all around to different servers with 40-50+ ping no matter what I did......distance was plenty (1700+ miles), ping assist set to 30ms, home location set to “round about” where I live on map (Texas). Tried strict mode on & off along with unchecking & re-checking the “enable” host filtering box. Even rebooted once. The gameplay wasn’t bad but doesn’t seem to be working right?



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1 hour ago, CrossFitKila717 said:

So, just uncheck the cloud box & recheck it?

Make sure auto & bleeding edge is ticked then just click update cloud once.

13 minutes ago, BIG__DOG said:

under the "burger" menu there's a box that says "flush cloud" click that!

It's original R1 firmware :)

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