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Spectating Mode- Blackout

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You have it set to "spectator mode". This mode is disabling the geofilter but still having the console listed there. If you check/tick "filtering mode" you will then be connecting to what is inside your circle. Especially if "strict mode" is enabled from the ≡ symbol next to Geo-Filter Map and "strict mode" is ticked. 

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5 hours ago, FLEX_Jastrzebie said:

I do not want to play with the filtering mode. Is it impossible to play without this mode on servers from my region like on any other router without DumaOS?

Try this:

1. Go to your Geo-Filter
2. Open the Geo-Filter Map Options (click the three horizontal lines in the top left of the panel)
3. Click 'Flush Cloud'
4. Wait about 30 seconds - 1 minute for the Flush to complete. Don't worry if it takes longer than this, just be patient
5. Once complete, make sure you're happy with your other Geo-Filter settings e.g. home location, radius, Ping Assist on the R1 etc.
6. Now restart Black Ops 4

You should be able to play on servers in your region - there was something weird going on after the last Treyarch patch but we fixed it yesterday :)

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You can ignore that message - it's just letting you know that Flush Cloud will take another 30 seconds or so.

To guarantee you play on servers within your region, you have to enable Filtering Mode. It will block servers outside of your range.

Restart the game any time you make a change. After that it should play great

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