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Max speeds for R1 DumoOS

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What are the max upload/download speeds I should expect with an R1 running DumoOS?

Without R1 I'm getting UP/DOWN speeds of about 400Mbps/20Mbps with R1 I'm getting about 150Mbps/20Mbps.

For original R1 OS there were specific config changes to allow higher speeds. Are there any similar settings I should apply to get max throughput for DumoOS?


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On 11/30/2018 at 4:21 PM, Netduma Fraser said:

In our lab we've achieved up to 800mbps. However keep in mind thats in a perfect lab environment so real life results will vary substantially. 

In order to reach closer to your speeds all you should have to do is disable QoS completely in Anti-Bufferbloats settings.

I can only get up to 500Mbps with my Internet Giga Speed and my QoS is off with the DumOS Development Milestone 1.3.

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On 12/22/2018 at 1:07 PM, ggkthx said:

Any plans to remove the 200Mbps restriction? @Netduma Fraser

That's the limit of the R1 hardware with our QoS, so nothing more we can do. If you wanted to achieve QoS at higher speeds then you might want to consider getting the DumaOS powered XR500 or XR700.

XR500 has hardware acceleration and the XR700 is just an absolute beast in terms of hardware so they can easily achieve QoS at over 1000mbps.

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