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Why fix if ain't broken

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1 minute ago, Direink144 said:

Have used the R1 for a couple years with great success. Very happy and zero complaints. So why should I upgrade it or is it a case that the old R1 OS will become redundant in the near future.

Hi Direink - well that's the thing, if you're happy then you shouldn't feel inclined to do anything. There's several good reasons why DumaOS is better than the old software though.

The old software is no longer 'supported' (meaning it won't get any new upgrades from here on out) but we do still give technical support for it.

Generally, the old software is far less stable. It's riddled with weird bugs that couldn't easily be fixed due to the nature of the software. DumaOS eliminates this problem by having far stronger foundations and a much smarter back-end codebase. Fixing stuff in DumaOS has a much faster turnaround, and upgrading it does too.

It's also got some incredible new features, like application-level Network monitoring, the ability to permanently block dedicated servers, automatic configuration when you play games and full customisation with the gaming Dashboard.

It's your call though :D you should definitely keep an eye on it and see if it's something you want to upgrade to. It's always there, and it's free!

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