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Fifa 19

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7 hours ago, Carlos123 said:

Won't let me connect to my server in my location TX 

Hi Carlos, welcome to the forum! I'm moving this thread to support since this is a reserved area of the forum, hope you don't mind.

This could be a case of the server being mis-located in our cloud database. If you expand your radius do you get a good server anywhere in America? If you see a server with a particularly low ping (even though it's quite far away) that could be the Texas server.

Fifa 19 is a new game so we still need to test it further. Are you able to connect to games easily if you increase your radius?

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I've moved this to the DumaOS support forum as you are already on DumaOS

I think these probably are servers - we just have them classified as peers.

Where do you live? You are getting a very high ping, which suggests you are very far from this TX server?


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