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Urgent * Turn Off IPV6 *

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Just as a heads up I've noticed that having IPV6 on causes issues.

Mainly that Xbox One will choose IPV6 over IPV4 making the QOS system useless.

I have a video that will be out soon @ ScottsGameRoom on YT showing this in more detail.

Having IPV6 on was causing lag spikes in COD Blops4 and other games.

* I didn't show the spikes in the video.

However if you want to test yourself turn on IPV6 find a server on the Geo-Filter and ping it then do a Xbox Detailed Network Test.

The ping times will spike.

Turning off IPV6 and testing the same server  the spikes go away.

I recommend that NetDuma Staff make a pinned post so people don't turn on IPV6 and have a bad gaming experience.

Hope this was helpful.

Have a great day :)

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Xbox Live is built on IPv6... this doesn't make any sense to me. If there's anything wrong with this router and IPv6 I'm going to guess it's on the Netgear side because their firewall blocks IPv6 ICMP which is needed to make it work better. All Netgear routers have this disabled for "security" reasons when it shouldn't be. If you ever try running an IPv6 test with a Netgear router it will 100% of the time fail on the ICMP portion of the test. People on Netgear forums have tried to communicate this to them, but they won't listen.  See here: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-WiFi-Routers/IPv6-ICMP-Filtered/td-p/1088538

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Nothing is wrong with the router.

I'm just letting everyone know that IPV6 doesn't work with DumaOS QOS and there for you won't have the advantages of Anit-BufferBloat or QOS.

Also as mentioned I see major lag spikes if IPV6 is left on.


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