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Recording ping results from sessions

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Hey Team, not to sure if this has been mentioned before but I’ll mention it...

Wondering if there is or maybe in the future having the ability to record the information from the live ping so you could further analyse the info from sessions playing a game so to further weed out any potential servers / peers that may not play as well as others?

it kind of hard to play a game and noting what the ping is doing at the same time... 😂😂😂

Apologise if this has been mentioned before...

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Nice thanks!!! Even if the recorded info just has an upper and lower values for the current time you were connected to that host with anverage ping recorded to help understand what’s stable what isn’t so much... I have 15 or so dedicated servers address recorded in my allow list (all based in Sydney Australia)and I’m sure some do play better that others... 

Maybe come to think of it you could have 2 sets of recorded values, one recording the current time you’re connected to the server/host and then a total time recorded, so you could understand the difference between the current session and what it looks like historically...

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