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DumaOS and buffer bloat settings

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Hey guys, quick question, not so much an issue as such...

When setting the bufferbloat sliders, is it the same as before in terms of heading over to DSL reports doing some test and then sitting the sliders to what was a good result for both DL and uL?

I followed Sim's youtube video where he talks about moving the sliders down 10% each time before running the report and then what ever best results come from each DL an UL is to be used for that session...

just wanted to check if this still is the best way forward as i read somewhere 70/70 was still the preferred settings for the sliders.


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Ohh ok, maybe I’ll try 70/70 see how things play out... it’s my upload I’m concerned about because sometimes I’m on point and other times just off... guess tick rates have something to do with this....

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