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Not received your DumaOS Download Link Email? Post here

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If you have signed up for the DumaOS R1 Open Beta but you have not received your email, please check your SPAM folder (and the 'Promotions' tab if using Gmail)

In the rare event your email program has completely blocked our email, post in this thread. We will then check your forum email address against the list of all sign ups to confirm you signed up. So please make sure you signed up to the Beta using the same email you use to login to this forum.

If we can verify you are in the list, we will send you a direct message on this forum with all the details.

If you have not signed up, please go here: https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/


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6 minutes ago, hfsxgunz7 said:

Hey guys, i did receive an email, however the email provided was my work email and i'm unable to access on my home PC. was wondering if it could be sent to an alternate email?


Sure - just sign up again with your new email. There's no queue anymore, so you will receive the link straight away.

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