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major masingil

Using a smart switch with the R1

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Duma team, 

If I enable a smart switch to handle DHCP for the devices connected to it will i create a conflict between the R1's DHCP and the switch's? It would make the LAN tree and bandwidth management for all those devices much more simple.

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35 minutes ago, Netduma Iain said:

If it's on the same subnet then I assume so. You can try disable dhcp in DumaOS if you must have another dhcp server. Hope that helps 

Hi Iain,

Thanks for the input. The switch will be connected to to R1. Then my wifi AP and some various other devices to the switch. The switch will be on the R1's subnet. 

I had this set up on a different router. The switch had a 192 ip, but all the devices under it were on a 10 subnet. I had to access the switch's interface to see the individual devices. 

I liked it because it made my device list nice and short, but I turned the switch's DHCP off pretty quickly (after a couple of days) in case there was an issue with the 2 devices both acting as DHCP servers. During that time I wasnt gaming or having any noticeable issues. What issues could I expect if there were a conflict?

Im just trying to get ready for my turn with the beta on DumaOS



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If you want simple overview of your network I'd suggest just letting DumaOS do DHCP for you. The device-manager is far more capable than the original r1 software. You can see snapshot in diagram or table mode. And you can sort the columns in the table. When you upgrade, try it out I'm confident it will satisfy your criteria :)

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