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Upgrading your Netduma R1 to DumaOS from a version lower than 1.03.6

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If you have received the download link to the R1 beta firmware but your version of DumaOS is lower than 1.03.6 (for example, 1.03.3), then there is a high probability of you permanently breaking your router when upgrading. (To check your firmware version, follow this guide).

To solve this problem, we need to run a simple fix on your router. Please follow the instructions here to allow us to do this. Once you have done this, please post in this thread to ask us to get your router ready for the upgrade. You do not need to post your IP address.

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Bonsoir j'ai mis a niveau mon netduma r1 à DumaOS et maintenant pour accéder a mon interface il me demande un nom d'utilisateur et un mot de passe ou puis je le trouver s'il vous plait et qu'elle sont les démarches a effectuer merci.


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3 minutes ago, noubilou33 said:

Good evening I upgraded my netduma r1 to DumaOS and now to access my interface it asks me for a username and password or can I find it please and that it is the procedure make thanks.


Username: admin

Password: password

(en anglais, pas francais)

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