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ISP gateway causing quality issues with wrong MAC address saved???

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Hello everyone. Although I returned my xr500 router I have not given up hope on the brand or the the software that is being used in the gaming models. I am at a loss thinking about everything I tried to do from following the basic settings, to reading and watching videos for a week before I purchased the xr500. My internet service is att fiber 1000, I have the bgw210 gateway set to pass through mode to allow the old netgear X8 router to do all the work. Pass through mode in the gateway is set per dslreports instructions over in the att uverse boards. The only thing that I did not do is when you configure the bgw210 to pass through mode you need to save the routers MAC address into the gateways interface. This is the one thing I didn't do.  I'm wondering if this was behind the lag I was experiencing? I'm going to look into this some more, but I wonder if any net duma employees have this gateway with att fiber BGW210 set in pass through mode? If so did they update the stored MAC address in the gateway? Has anyone mentioned this or tried this step if the have the same ISP service? When you initially set the gateway in pass through mode you save the current routers MAC address in the gateway, and like me in all the excitement completely forgot to update this? Can anyone try this out and see if it helps? I might or might not be on to something but it's worth a try.

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In my experience some people have had issues when buying a new router with speeds etc. By changing the router MAC address to their previous router's MAC address it resolved the issue so that could be why you were experiencing that if they put interleaving on your line due to the new router.

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