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seeking an advice for ISP change.

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Hi everyone,

today I discovered a new  ISP came to our area to providing internet service packages. 

my current ISP is Fiber GPON, using PPPoE VLAN connection method, consistent speed at 300/80 mbps and consistent latency ranging between 1-5 ms to my first hop.

I took a trial subscription from the other ISP that is LTE 4g+ service with open speed based on your router, you can use any 4g router, the speed in my b525a-95s 4g router achieved 90/20 mbps semi consistent but with latency ranging between 15-20 ms to the first hop, never exceeded 20 ms in 15 different test I done during yesterday. my neighbor has achieved 220/50 mbps on his b719 LTE router!  both services can be connected to my XR500.

considering the relatively high bill cost of the fiber to me,  and the cheap LTE service  with not that much difference in stability and latency. I am thinking in the favor of the LTE.  

does it really make a difference in gaming that 15-20 ms latency?

I am seeking an advice since I might terminate my fiber package based on my findings.

thanks a lot!


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On 9/10/2018 at 7:25 PM, e38BimmerFN said:

You'll need to demo the other ISP and see how it differs from your current ISP. Latency can play a part in gaming, however 5ms to 20ms should not be a huge game breaker. I've seen higher latency and game well. Recommend any modems with out a built in routers.

thank you very much.

I actually stayed with my fiber for more stabilized connection.

However, I cannot get rid of my ISP ONT, it is a modem/router combo. I can put my xr500 on DMZ. or even can put the ONT in bridge mode with credentials of PPPoE set on the XR500. since my PPPoE is VLAN taged - currently an issue on netgear routers-  I prefer the first option


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