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My Epson XP-235 Wireless Printer has stopped working

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I recently picked up a NetDuma R1 Router and while I am very happy with what it lets me do, ever since I've connected it all up, my Wireless Printer Epson XP-235 has lost all connection with my PC, it simply refuses to be picked up.

Things I've tried

- Ticking the "Wifi Workaround" box
- Making sure it's not connecting to my old Router
- Deleting all software and drivers of the printer and reinstalling them

Any ideas on what to do?

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I have no clue what happened but I booted up my PC today and then when I turned the Printer on to have another crack at this, the Drivers automatically installed and now it works perfectly. While I am perplexed to how this happened, I guess the problem fixed itself. That said, may want to leave this thread open for a couple days before closing it just in case this pops up again.

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