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Additional Dark Background Theme Request...

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Nice upgrade to the forum theme. 😉However, any chance of an add-on for the main body background color for users to have a choice to pick from? White is nice, however if one looks at this all day, eyes tend to get very tired and the WHITE brightness is hard on the eyes. I see there is a Theme selector at the bottom which seems to only change the top title section of the forum, this is nice. Would be nice to have one more addition to maybe change the main body of the forum from WHITE to a Darker Gray color for users who like darker themed forums which is easier on the eyes? It's a bit  too much WHITE on large wide screen monitor.

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I see a new dark theme. Kewl. There is a minor bug, when you go to post something, in the edit box the input text is White and the text box is also white. Can't see what's being typed in. Can you make the default input text color black? Love the dark colors. NICE!!! I can select Black and then the text is visible.

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