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Black Ops 4 Proves COD is DOOMED

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Cod died the day it stopped listening to cod fans, Activision is currently living of the old glory days just a matter of time cod franchise dies.


Played BO4 beta, was fun playing was I impressed no! I'm I gonna play it? hell Yes! but it will be my last COD game.


This is a shared feeling across cod fan base. I never thought one day I will wake up to cod developers copying another game it's embarrassing.

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I have an Xbox one X,ive played a ton of PUBG which is not using my X to its full potential graphic/performance wise,when i played the BO4 beta it looked rubbish which was a little disappointing,same graphics as BO3,BFV and red dead 2 look absolutely amazing and totally embarrass BO4 in my opinion,i may still pick it up at some point when it drops in price and give it a try because im a cod fan (only just)

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