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Slow Apple TV Speeds, No Access to YouTube services

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1st I was having ongoing issues with incredibly slow speeds to only my Apple TV 4K for more than a month. Speed tests in the exact same room on my iPhone or iPad or MacBookPro were 100 Mbps vs 1. After rebooting my Nighthawk XR500 did nothing, I unplugged & it’s at least streaming now. However, this morning I couldn't get anything YouTube related to work (YouTube or YouTube TV) on any device on WiFi. I also couldn't get even the App Store to load. On LTE, it worked fine. Also had a number of Chrome websites tell me DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN for awhile. I also had Twitch streams continuously cutting out while trying to watch them. There are no firmware updates and only one other person was using the internet in the house which was on Yahoo!. I’m really getting fed up with this router...


Your Twitter Support stated I may have severely throttled the connection or put a high bandwidth application into Traffic Prioritization however no one else was using the internet except for Yahoo! News. Please help because this is not enjoyable.


These are the screen shots of my QoS which your Twitter Support asked that I include.


Thank you.





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Hey, welcome to the forum!


Remove the manual PlayStation rule in Traffic Prioritization.


Also disable Smart Connect in WiFi settings and connect to the different bands separately depending on your bandwidth needs. Use a WiFi analyser to find the least congested channel for both and change to that. You may have a lot of WiFi congestion in the area.

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I've made the changes you described and speeds are slow all over. Nothing consistent. This router is becoming an absolute headache. I've done a wifi analysis and the channels it showed me aren't even options.... I just want to have consistent, fast speeds. Especially if I'm not even gaming.


Currently I only have my PS4 on (wired connection), no game even open at all and I am getting only 6.3 Mbps to my laptop which is on the 5G channel. Now it can't even load the DumaOS page. This is not proving to be worth the money at all...


Now it's at 250 Kbps and nothing has changed....

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