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UI idea

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Hi Everyone,


Just an idea for a future update..


Would it be possible to create a second or third UI login user that has access to only specific areas of the UI?


For example, create a user that has the option to access to All but Settings -- Dashboard only, Dashboard and Qos, Geo-filter only,  QoS and Ge-filter only, System Information and Device Manager only, etc.


It would be nice if you have parental controls set, but want to allow someone in the house to modify the Qos or Geofilter only for gaming, etc.


New user [user2     ]

Password [********* ]


Access Control:


Dashboard <checkbox yes/no>

Geo-filter <checkbox yes/no>

QoS <checkbox yes/no>

Device Manager <checkbox yes/no>

Network Monitor <checkbox yes/no>

System Information <checkbox yes/no>

Settings <checkbox yes/no> [Warning user will be able to modify router settings]


What do you think..



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This is a really good idea, I'll add it to our roadmap. It may be Netgear specifications though to only allow one login but we'll look.

To add even more to this, if sub accounts do come to fruition, maybe also allow for a second set of rules. Like being able to set console specific geo-filter ranges, etc.

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