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More Options with VPN? HMA Issues

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With HMA, how can I make it have a location change.


The current "static" server that it pushes on me in the City select element just isn't getting the job done.


For example, the fastest/closest server to me is Georgia, Atlanta. However, there are multiple servers that I can select on my PC (LOC1 S1, LOC1 S2, LOC1 S3). The server I believe it automatically selects is "LOC1 S1" which is always overloaded and causes ping never to drop below 100ms.


Now by using the speed guide in the HMA VPN Client application, I was able to determine that LOC1 S3 is indeed the fastest server for me.


The pings on this server 5.9ms compared to S1's 100+ms results.


Before I babble on much longer... I just need to know.


How can I change this and force my own selection? Is there an option to use another service?



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