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I used to enjoy this forum, and I have learned quite a bit about gaming through these hallowed pages. But I have noticed that the forum is dying a slow death. The shout box used to be full of people virtually every night. There were quite a few moderators on this forum, but I think they are slowly leaving the ship, and through no fault of their own.


When I saw people getting made moderators I was a teeny weeny bit jealous, but no more. I think it is a thankless task with what appears to be no support from the Netduma team.


Ok, they do help to solve people's problems (Fraser/Jack) But on the big issue I.e. the Duma OS the moderators have been left high and dry to take the crap from the disgruntled customer ecetera ecetera.


So whether you like, dislike, totally apathetic try and see their side of the update/no update debacle,

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I thought everyone was just happily gaming, I come in visit every few times a week. I think the forums is a great place for news/support + Twitter. Just a few days ago Nadeshot from Call of Duty Optic gaming I think he was from (moved onto his own 100t), did a xr500 unboxing/review video. That should bring in a lot of people for Netduma & Netgear maybe soon. I also love the support the staff gives & am thankful for that, but what else can the moderators say or do besides tell them the usual to the fellow madness of netduma army. They must feel the wrath!

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If you're a mod here you're allowed to have your own opinion - we don't force an opinion on our mods. They do a fantastic job, and we are extremely grateful for what they do. The forum is toxic of late, and we totally understand why. Neither myself or Fraser have any control over when the R1 update is out, nor do we have control over any news on that subject.


There is cooperation between the Netduma team and the mods behind the scenes, so we don't totally leave them to their own devices. I'm confident that once that update is out for the R1 you'll see a revival of this forum and everything will begin to get back on track. Don't worry too much Macca - the community is weaker than it was before, but soon it will be stronger than it ever was.

That's great to hear Jack, the thorn in the side has been the complete lack of communication and the moderators have been left to face the crap.There used to be suggestions for competitions, possible meet ups, secret santas etc which were good fun. I know you have to have participants for these "extras" if you like and its down to forum members to join in, but I believe that the severe delay on the DumaOS has had a very negative effect on the forum members, myself included.


Jack you alluded to the the issue of the update being released, I think EVERYONE is waiting for some sort of news, and I agree the forum probably be a much healthier place......... But waiting's a bitch!

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