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Block Dedicated Server

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Hi , i buyed an xr500 , but i need an information..

I couldn t block a dedicated server.. ( WW2)

After 5 min deny dedis return..

Is There a Fix ??


Are you on the latest version of DumaOS? Click on the information icon in the top-right of DumaOS - you can find out your firmware version there. You can only block dedicated servers on the latest version.

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I don t need any help , i ask a fix for a issue After buying a product!!

Allow & Deny lets you whitelist or blacklist other connections, no matter the size of your Geo-Filter. Choosing to Allow another connection will mean they can always connect to you, even if they are outside your Geo-Filter range. Choosing to Deny another connection will mean it will always be blocked, even when it is inside your Geo-Filter range. You cannot block a dedicated server. To either Allow or Deny, left click on the connection on your Geo-Filter Map. Then in the Ping panel that opens on the right hand side, choose either ALLOW or DENY.

Before selecting ALLOW or DENY, give the connection a unique name in the Ping panel.

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