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Cloud - Incorrect Server Locations

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Thank you guys Loved the R1 i bought it day one and I now own The XR500, I appreciate all the hard work y'all do. keep up the great work fellas, I'll keep reporting dedi as I find them :) 

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I'm using XR500 which i bought in March after owning the R1 since launch day. I notice i wasn't getting into lobbies as much with The profile set to Call of duty on ww2. I took strict mode off and pretty much widen the circle all the way and notice a lot of misplaced dedicated servers that i was pinging at 15ms located across the East coast of USA. Recently I found a couple in Ireland that I'm pinging at 25ms. I take pictures double check and  post the info here. I have flushed the cloud several times as well. I live in Long beach California USA 

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Hi Duma team !!! The Call of Duty's dedicated servers of Montreal, Qc, Ca is still showing 90 kms away from where it is in real life !!! It is showing near the US border wich cause problem since we need to higher the radius to connect and it allows people from the states plus it always tries to connect on a dedi located at 641km instead of the 84km wrongly located Montreal dedis !!! The 641km dedis alwayz have higher than 28ms ping now that i've changed isp and Montreal dedi is 7ms or 14ms at worst !!! I managed to block each and every dedis from that 641km dedis cuz even if its running at a 28ms it's always inconsistent and frustrating to shoot first die first especially when on a setup like mine and with a base ping of 7ms !!! Anywayz i accepted the fact that we can't play on thoses dedis since it ruin the experience... so i still block the new ones when they add them and i do it with a smile even if it's time consuming !!! The big problem with that is that because i have to higher the radius to allow my country neighbors to get in my lobbies it also allow those from the states with bad connection since they far away so it always bring instability in games...or if you prefer it bring spikes and lags and shoot first die first scenarios !!! If i lower the radius so it's not covering any part of the states the radius ring becomes so small it barely cover Montreal and surroundings wich is just a lil portion of my country... so it takes more time to find people because i can't allow more people from my country without allowing unstable peers to connect too... and when i don't allow them the connection is soooo crisp and flawless that we feel like we cheatin










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You welcome and thanks again mate... as of live... i'm playin ww2 and took screenshots... someone allowed by ping assist have a ping higher than 36ms when my ping assist is set at 7ms to help getting only 7ms lobbies... the id of that peer is on the screenshots... my radius is set at 455km and that peer allowed by ping assist is at 810km and 36ms minimum while the fartest in the ring is at 430km and with a max of 30ms...all that while my Montreal dedis is at 7ms as on the last screenshot





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