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Every menu interface took too llong to load up

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I had been aboard for ike 10 days. and when I come back home. and try to adjust my router lllike I do everytime I play a game, Netduma somehow acting weird loading up menu. It takes forever, to load one host fitering menu. I did reboot but still no lluck.

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Are you using port forwarding? Enabling that and the geofilter simultaneously causes the GUI to slow down to a crawl on any firmware after 1.03.4. Sadly if you're on 1.03.6j you can't downgrade to try anything else so you'll either have to:


A. Use UPnP instead of port forwarding

B. Disable the geofilter

C. Set the geofilter service to something like port 3074 (for CoD for example) rather than a preset like PSN/XBL, and deal with the geofilter no longer showing server dots (though the geofilter will still run correctly otherwise)

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