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R1 update; my biggest concern and reason for reacting...

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As everyone already knows the R1 update controversy surrounding a netgear product. After reading pages and pages of people going at it, it’s become clear some people do not understand why other members were so annoyed.


I was actually happy the deal with netgear went live as it meant more experience for the Duma team and a better product for the rest of us in the future this was never the issue! The problem was that we were kept in the dark about the R1’s update. Had someone came out earlier and explained there would be delays none of this would have happened. Or a second scenario had the update come live maybe a month after the net gear news I’m sure people would have been more understanding. However to suggest April 17th and then not deliver, plus to announce more delays on the day of the deadline was a terrible move and the silence since has pushed people over the edge.


Some people might say so what? Use what you have now, and that’s fair to an extent what these people do not understand is under what circumstances was the R1 bought? Well myself and for many other (I’ve read) the R1 was bought on the back of this update being announced in late 2016 or early 2017. I bought into the idea of anti jitter/spike which we’ve had no news on since. So when you advertise these sorts of things and get people excited into buying your equipment and not deliver on time (in fact over a year late) you’re going to get backlash... but the worst out of the lot is how people have been getting banned when they voiced their frustration on the matter.


In my case I used to be a sky customer and the sky wouldn’t let me use a new router and when I finally worked out how to get around it, I suffered nat issues so I decided to ditch sky and turn to virgin media where I was free to use what ever I wanted, then I realised the speed I was paying for was not supported by the Duma unless I turn some features off which defeated the purpose of having the Duma so I cancelled virgin and switched to BT. I wanted the very best online experience (which is why I bought the netduma in the first place) so I decided to splash out on a reliable modem. Which cost me £80 at the time. A few months passed and family started complaining about the wireless. Kept dropping out and speeds weren’t great and I came back to the forum to saw people complaining of similar things. So again I went out of my way to buy the very best on the market at the time to get family off my back and I bought the asus-88u cost £330. So in total I’ve spent a lot to have the Duma on. The Duma it’s self wasn’t perfect nor was it cheap and the hardware for that price was laughable but we all know that but I tried to accommodate it as much as I could as I was seeing the team on Facebook and Twitter were responsive and kept updating us about the new features. Only to find out a year down the line this is what I was looking forward to...


Edit : Other biggest selling point was the geo filter I’ve found out recently that I may not have even needed it as call of duty seem to place me on local servers 90% of the time with geo filter turned off. (Not off but open all the way as fortnite was giving me issues a few weeks back) which made the whole experience feel like a huge waste of money and time.


I hope this sheds some light on to be devs who have been non exsistsnt since April and the forum mods who delete comments and ban people. This is why we are pissed off..

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Thank you for sharing your experience with us on the forum. We are all waiting for the dumaOS on R1 and share peoples frustrations and concerns as we are customers also. However, I am locking this thread as there is already a thread regarding the delay. 

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