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Hi just got my self a new gaming pc and i would like to know how to set up for security on the duma as i never realy botherd with it when just on console thanks


Your PC should be protected network-wise as the Netduma R1 has a built in firewall. It depends what kind of security you're after though - you could always get a VPN subscription if you feel like you're going to be DDoS attacked.


Which game are you playing? Set Anti-Flood to 70/70 and reset device prioritisation. I'd recommend putting the PC in Hyper Traffic, but if you use it for speed-testing that can sometimes disrupt the test.

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Not sure what a vpn subscription is and I many play battlefield


If you've not heard of a VPN it's likely you don't need one. You'd only need one if you're getting DDoS attacked, so it's pretty specific. VPN's are the only other security feature routers really provide, but it's not necessary unless you're absolutely sure there is a threat.


If you're playing Battlefield you should be able to select a server in-game. That means the Geo-Filter would only work on a region-basis (so for instance if you chose US-West as a region, you might potentially be able to use the Geo-Filter to get the US-West server you want if there are more than one in that region). If you're having issues getting kicked from games etc you probably need Strict Mode disabled and an increased radius. I hope this helps!

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