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Fortnite XR500

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My apologies if this has already been discussed immensely, but I’m currently having issues with the Geo-Filter with fortnite. If I set the radius to 800 Miles, I’ll search a game and it’ll act as if it’s loading in. However, when I check my Geo-Filter I clearly see that the host is well out of my range just to sit there in a loading screen to be told, “you can’t connext to the host.”


Based on what I saw before purchasing this router, i watched a video showing someone utilizing the Geo filter and it having multiple host within the range that he could connect to (which he did), and a bunch outside of the range with a triangle indicating that you can’t connect.


So far this filter hasn’t worked at all with fortnite, and that’s the main game I play at the moment. Anyone else having these issues?

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Hey, welcome to the forum!


Fornite utilises regions and depending on where you are will only have a few servers within that region. The reason it attempts to load in as far as I can tell is because it hasn't decided which server to put you on until it starts to load in. 


Other games that don't use regions will not have that occur with the Geo-Filter.


You may be interested in signing up for this: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/24847-looking-for-pubg-fortnite-players-with-xr500/as we're testing a new cloud with PUBG/Fornite players. It may improve the experience you're having.

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