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Configuring Wake Over Internet- ARP Issue

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Ok so I'm getting into tinkering with my shiny XR500. so before i had my system all set up fine with my old Modem and router, i could wake the system up over lan and the internet without issues.


I have managed to setup the router and my computer to wake over LAN but for the Life of me, I cannot get it to wake over the Internet like I did before.


I have port forwarded the UDP port and its open--- Tick

Obviously configured the Bios for WOL--Tick

Configured the Ethernet adaptors to wake on Lan and to respond to ARP requests and NS request when off--- Tick


When the computer turns off and within say 10 seconds I send a magic packet to my system over 4G machine wakes if I leave it, say 10 minutes nothing happens.


I think its the ARP table that's being flushed is there any way to inject static ARP entry?



Sorry for the long-winded question but this really annoying.


As i said i had it working on my old TP-Link W1043 running Gargoyle.



any help is appreciated.





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it doesnt work...yet


this was the first thing I sent to Netgear as a "recommended update"



my post to Netgear




On my old R7000 (running custom DD-WRT firmware) - I was able to enter a startup command such as this which worked....

(it also had a WOL facility page "by default"  :rolleyes:  )


arp -i br0 -s FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF

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i wouldn't hold your breath waiting on Netgear with this one though....


implementing a command box into the firmware would be "a big no-no" (security issue!)


Although, if they did implement a WOL table, that would at least help a bit..


Means we could log in remotely and use the WOL facility from the router , but that limits things to that method only. i.e. you still couldn't use other apps etc to do it...  :( 


....Maybe when DumaOS develop their Android/IOS "APP" (which hopefully works over the Internet and not just LAN) ,could be included...?

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