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Tai N

XR500 Traffic Prioritization Question

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Just got my XR500, love the DumaOS so far. It's very clean :)


When I go to qos -> traffic prioritization, and then add my device for Playstation the service says 'Xbox', but I'm not sure if I set it up correctly. When adding my device I chose my Playstation, and then I didn't see call of duty in there, so I selected 'Games Console'. Is that correct?


Also in the traffic prioritization are you supposed to have the DumaOS classified games enabled? I assume call of duty is in there, so I should have it enabled?

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disable duma classified games (i do) and create a rule just for your console! Don't worry that it says xbox also, you have done nothing wrong. It is just identifying it as a console, I have had that happen to me on other routers!

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