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Peer/Host ping

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Its being slow/unresponsive and shows 2 to 3 peers ping at most no matter what i do. ( On Chrome )

Dumas going into meltdown maybe - geo page is also not functioning/displaying as it should


Did you recently change your UPnP / Port Forwarding settings? Do you mean that pages take a while to load?


Screenshots would be very helpful. In what way is the Geo-filter not displaying properly? Have you tried different devices / browsers, and made sure you are using the default Netduma theme?

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How can i do geo settings if my place is far away from dedicated servers?i can never get perfect ping rate


If you're living far away from any hosts, a great way to improve your gameplay is by finding out your base ping and improving that as much as possible. Try using the Internet Diagnostics to find out your average base ping and let us know the results for Spikes, Jitter and the likes. These issues can be solved or improved by upgrading your equipment / modem / ISP line.


I'd also recommend using Ping Assist to find the best games. Set Ping Assist to around 60ms, and only increase it if you struggle to find games.

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