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Virgin media vs bt infinity

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I moved to BT midway through BO3. Ghosts was awesome connection wise but maybe that was because hit detection was technically better and different. AW was AIDS but that's Seattle based matchmaking for you...

BO3 was crap most of the time but it got worse moving to BT honestly. The games that weren't full of Saudiwaitis were decent but that came around maybe one in every 20 games playing core TDM on the UK server. 8ms was miserable there most of the time.

I got 7ms to the UK server without fail in IW and while there were a lot more good games, it wasn't good enough and I snapped the disc come June. I watched people on jittery cable with 40ms minimum latency smash lobbies like they were playing a totally different game, as their hit detection and time to react would be far superior to what I'd normally see -
and it would be on par with rare games (I had about 10 like this) where I'd actually melt in 7ms. Again that's probably down to matchmaking and the number of lagging shitter unkillables I'd see with Hexagon Pro enabled.

WW2 was 100% cancer all of the time. Never played anything so laggy and out of sync, despite apparently having 60Hz update rates both ways. My smoothest game was on 110ms to an Atlanta USA host... wut.


AW was just horrible for me and BOps3 was awful until I got the Duma. The hit detection in IW isn't great for me, the amount of times I could've gotta triple kill with 3 sitting on a flag but the first guy won't go down or I can't even hit him so one of the others turns and kills me is insane.




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IW was probably the first game to give me noticeably delayed hit detection when my connection was consistently better than ever. These were audibly and visibly delayed shots... I'm talking about 250-500ms delays on 7ms ping LOL

Pure nonsense.

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