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New Duma update

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this starts to look more and more like a scam.. (and yeah before the white knight speak we paid for the product..) 

i would be pissed at Apple if they left the same  iPhone software since i bought it.


and the white knight bot answers : Apple have 50000 dev , duma just one.. 


these threads are useless because people here are either brainwashed, have no clue or don't care..

Netduma as a company is one of my biggest disappointment. 

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I understand why everyone is so upset. I also understand how hard developing new firmware is.

I know that when DumaOS Beta actually hits people will be happy.

Remember what Beta actually means!

A Beta is after the Alpha builds.

Beta's should be mostly bug-free with few problems.

I'm sure this is what the Duma team is striving for :)

That's why it's taking time.


If they released a problematic Beta it'll get a bad rep. Which would hurt the overall image of NetDuma. 

Games have this happen all the time. A bad Beta can result in an unfair assessment of the full product.

All that being said I'm excited and ready as well.

I think really where things got messy is giving us any dates at all.

Most big companies wouldn't dare give an estimated date because of situations like these. 


At this point, I think just a general progress report without a date and the occasional screenshot would help.

What I like about NetDuma is they are small and don't have that big company "up yours" mentality.

If you post in the forum it get's read by someone who is actually working on the product.

Not some random guy that has to relay everything.


I had a bad experience with Dlink and trying to help them fix their broken firmware on the DGL5500. It's still broken years later.

Every time I've needed help the Duma team is right on it.

That's one of the many reasons I love my NetDuma.

I hope that they grow but never get so bit they can't directly communicate with us. 


As mentioned above I think just bi-weekly blog or screenshot would definitely help.

Backing off and just working on the firmware after teasing some is a really not a great way to keep people engaged.

It creates bad mojo and long threads asking for more info.


I'm just as excited and impatient as most are for DumaOS.

Hopefully, we get the something in regards to progress sometime soon.

I truly believe in this product.

So much so that I mention it to any gamer willing to listen.

I stream Mon-Fri 10am MT on Twitch.tv/KindaBusted (Shameless Plug) and almost every stream mention the NetDuma.


I'm gonna keep lurking the forums waiting for the next drop of info. 

Everyone take it easy :)

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I really don't know why folk on here are getting the hump about it...it's free. Like i said in another post where someone else was throwing their toys out the pram, i'd rather have a stable build than for them to rush it out and it being a failure cause you moaning idiots are....well....moaning.


It's a big update, i'm sure they are all doing the best they can, yes maybe they shouldn't of given an estimated date, but i'm not crying about it.


So, shut up, and wait patiently like i and other folk on here have.


Rant over.....yet again.

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For me the issue isn't about it being delayed, it's the fact that they've been vocal about what was happening and then weeks ago, they just went silent. Nada. Nothing. Just a black hole. 


People can accept delays with a little information (reason), but delays without a reason is unacceptable. 


So I see the 'silence' as major problems were found. Otherwise they would've just come up with another reason, to tell us, for the delay. 

There are problems with the current firmware, so I understand the frustration from some people about the delay. Especially since they've said they're not fixing the current firmware issues and only working on DumaOS. 

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People buy phones all the time and dont get updates or get the latest andriod version but the main thing to remember is, does the phone work?


The netduma router as is, is a beast and you should be getting the best possible connection if you know how to tinker with the router.


So when you feel like jumping on here talking about why its taking so long for the upgrade, how about just jump on your console or PC and use the Netduma.


Remember, does it work? Yes it does, is the next upgrade going to make it better? Yes it will, so standby and game on until we get that upgrade.

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You don't get it.


It is the broken timelines that made people upset. Then the few teaser screenshots that weren't that much different. Then more delays. Then nothing.


My phone does everything I need it to do because I rooted it and made it the way I wanted. The manufacturers of technology rarely have installed everything that the end user wanys and that is ok. It's when you promise something and not deliver it is when the end users vocalize their frustrations. These frustrations lead to a virus of people spreading their discontent and rumors start flying. Without someone quelling the rumors and giving any kind of explanations, it multiplies.


Eventually, the marketplace will produce a competing product and competition breeds inovation. So it's either the company step up and deliver or the money goes elsewhere. That's capitalism.

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