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Can't connect to Netduma

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I think I know what caused this, at the weekend I disabled DHCP after following some youtube guide without knowing what I'm doing.


Right now I can connect to my nighthawk modem/router but cant connect to the netduma. I've tried wireless and wired and switching the netduma off and on. In windows 10 the lan says "unidentified network, no internet". When I try accessing it times out. All the green lights are flashing on the netduma itself.


I tried following this guide




and found I have no IP in ipconfig. I got to where the article says "The most probable cause for being unable to connect is that you have disabled DHCP on the router. After following the steps above" but I can't see any steps to reconnect me to my netduma.


Help please!

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Hi there; the solution for this is you need to create a static IP on your Windows 10 PC / Laptop. This guide will talk you through how to achieve this: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/542-solution-cant-get-to-netduma-dashboard-netduma-bricked/


This is for Windows 7 / 8, but the principle should be the same. Let me know if that resolves your issue.

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