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Destiny PvP actually fun again

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Is this new update perfect? No, nothing ever is. But running around NOT dying by matadors and party crashers every life is amazing. I died by a shotgun maybe only 3 times in 6 hours of playing today (all in the same game). A lot of people are using sidearms now, but I don't mind it anywhere near as much as shotgun warriors. Hand cannons are so crispy now too, they actually hit what you're aiming at, rarely ever get a ghost bullet. Some people are complaining about the Truth ammo nerf, but let's be honest you shouldn't be able to spam 3 rockets in 5 seconds haha I'm loving this new update, it created a bigger skill gap in my opinion, maybe a small one but it's noticeable. I suggest anyone who stopped playing Destiny to go back and give PvP another shot. So much more fun to play now :D 



*Patch notes for anyone who doesn't know the changes: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/45661/7_Destiny-Hotfix---21417  

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