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Found 13 results

  1. Hola, hace 2 semanas me llegó un repetidor de wifi por cable lan que me esta ocasionando mayor ping que yendo por wifi, lo único que noto es que ahora me llegan todos los mb de descarga (100mb) y carga (50mb). Por ejemplo en el cod al jugar mlg gb noto que me ven antes y que sus balas llegan antes que las mías. También en el fortnite mi ping siempre ronda los 50-70ms mientras que antes me iba con un ping de 25-45. Los repetidores estan conectados directamente a un enchufe.
  2. I have a question I'm hoping someone can answer about peer ping. I'll try to explain. Normally when I ping someone in the geo filter their ip comes up and it shows the ping of the player updating approximately ever second. However there are times when I ping certain people it does it sporadically or just completely stops while I am still in a match with them. Sometimes once every 10 or more seconds. What could be causing this?
  3. So I had Comcast Performance Pro tier package, 150MB down/5MB up. I two days ago increase it to Blast for an extra $18/month. Now I'm paying for speeds of 250MB down/10MB up. Looking at the ping test on the Geo-filter pre-upgrade, there was very little spiking on the dedicated servers, mostly NJ and GA, since I live in VA. The internet diagnostics showed exceptional across the board, and zero packet loss. Avg ping was around 13ms to So ran the testing again, with the faster internet connection, and well, the ping graph looks like the freakin' Rocky mountains (go from 20ms and spike to 70ms every 3-5 seconds) now on both NJ and GA dedicated servers, and the ping didn't really decrease. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the ping supposed to be the time your information travels to the server and back? i.e.. 13ms ping = 5ms to server and 8 ms back to me. So, if true, why didn't the ping decrease? Is there anyway to decrease the number of 'hops'? I hear that can lead to lower ping if the information has less "stops" to make. Every millisecond counts right? You think I should save the approx. $240/year from upgrading the speed? Opinions appreciated! I got a TP-link 7610 modem (cable connection), hard wired to the R1, hard wired to the PS4. Thanks.
  4. Hey, I recently just purchase a netduma router and the setup I have is going great. I have my Moden > Netduma > TP-link for 5g WIFI. The router does what it says which is dominate lag. I don't really see other players lag anymore on Cod WW2 with this router. I do face a little latency problem which I know can be fixed in some type of way. I shoot first and die first a lot, but something that I like about this video that Simjc and having issues with. Simjc was going over the congestion control part of the video explaining the buffer bloat rate and the idle speed on dslreport. I'm having issues with trying to achieve the best result within the idle speed. It would be something like this: IDLE: 19-23 DWN: 23-38 UP: 25-29. Simjc was referring them as air bubbles. I have problems with download IDlE which can probably cause a huge ping spike. I notice one time when it was really low, I felt like I was ahead of time on COD WW2. It felt amazing, and I felt like a god. It felt like I was beating lag compensation. I Literally went 40-2 with a consistent and low idle ping. The only problem is trying to get it to be consistent. I have 100 download and 10 upload speeds. I heard some bad reviews about that charter spectrum internet, but that all I have in my area. Also, don't you think congestion control would stop the idle ping from running all over the place, and also trying to keep it consistent? Please, someone, give me some advice. Some people told me to wait for the netduma New os because the CC will be better. Also, base ping is good in the game, it's like 25.
  5. Hi, I'm playing cod ww2 on dedicate due to my location and when I ping the server it is showing alot of ping which I do not usually have. Most of the time over 900ms. I noticed that this happens only when the geofilter is enabled because while it is disabled the ping is normal. Any idea why this is happening? Geofilter is supposed to reduce lag not increase it. Also with the filtering on it is not finding any lobbies.
  6. Bonjour, je tiens a m'excuser si je suis dans une mauvaise rubrique ou quoi, c'est la première fois que je m'inscris à un forum. Je viens d’acquérir le netduma je l ai configurer ensuivant le tuto d une personne ici, tout fonctionne mais quand je vais dans mes statistiques réseau détaillées ma latence est de 28ms les parties sont fluides nickel, après 5 parties c'est horrible je refais un test réseau et mon ping console est de 160ms ( injouable ) au lieu de 28. mon pc en revanche lui reste toujours a 14ms. Si je rebranche la console en direct sur la box je retombe a 28ms si quelqu'un peut m'aider ^^ Merci d'avance
  7. nfxcr3w

    BO3 Realtime Ping

  8. progprogprog

    Infinite warfare lag comp fix

    Hi guys for anyone who still plays infinite warfare! can you please try these settings as it has helped my no end with this game. I find that if I put the Geofilter to anything above 150mi the game plays really bad for me so I have been running these settings for about a week now and the games are very consistant 100-150mi filter by distance strict mode on ping assist 0 place your location on top of closest server(mine is London) it my take longer to find lobbys but its but it's worth waiting let me know how it is Prog!!!
  9. Ran PP for 60 minutes. Is this bad and worth calling BT over or shall I just not bother?
  10. If this hasn't been thought of yet I think it would be a great feature. If we could block hosts via the ping bar graph it would be awesome. We wouldn't have to rely on the map as much in game. For instance, sometimes I'm playing BO3 I have the router set to strict, 30ms, 700 mile radius, etc. but somehow a 120 ms player joins the match. If I could click on his/her ping bar to add him to my red list that would be awesome.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm tired of seeing my 75ms+ ping on RB6 PC as I have a connection with 60 down and 6 up. My ping in speedtest is 24-30ms and I have optimized Netduma router settings. I disabled iPV6 and other things that decrease network speed especially multicast snooping. So it's not an issue on the settings side of things. I was able to have RB6 on PS4 always send me to a server in North Carolina which helped me stay at 60ms or below on PS4. However, I have noticed that I have no use for the Netduma since I've transfered to PC. I'm wondering if there's a way for my to get ping assist or host filtering to work on Rainbow Six Siege. I tried to enable the PC on the GeoFilter with the Xbox Live service as I have no clue how to use the advanced option. I enabled the CoD Ultimate Profile as it worked in many FPS games on PS4 for me, and I also tried to set the home location to my state and set the geofilter to a good location yet my ping remains the same if not worse. The geofilter is in fact in effect. I just don't think ping assist is doing its job as the CoD Ultimate profile didnt result in any good results. The geolocation is not doing good so I would like to enable the CoD Ultimate profile and set the ping assist so that it connects me to a server with that ping range, but it doesn't seem to work as I join lobbies with worse ping. Looking forward to your guy's tips and guidance!
  12. Dark Satellite

    Sky vs BT

    Hi, I get good pings on my BT Infinity 1 broadband, but I would get a nicer deal if I were to move to Sky (I have Sky TV already). Just wondered if anyone here has made the switch BT to Sky (or vice versa), and what happened to your ping, went up, down, stayed the same etc? I realise Sky uses the BT infer structure but wondered if anyone saw a difference one way or the other. Thanks in advance for any info.
  13. Stealth_01

    Ping Plotter Help please...

    Hi all, I downloaded the ping plotter free trial today and im currently trying out the pro edition on my macbook. The problem is the hop graph. Im only get results on hop 1 and hop 11. There's nothing for the hops in between. Does anyone know why this is? More information can be provided upon request and all help is very much appreciated Regards,