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Found 77 results

  1. Hi everyone! I've a subscription with NordVPN and I'm trying to use it with my NetDuma R1 with DumaOS. I'm able to connect to any server, but even in the most near server I get awful speeds and super high ping... My connection without vpn it's 105 download and 20 up, with vpn I get 5 download and 5 up with bad ping. That doesn't allow me to play on my xbox one. I'm still in the 30 days to get a refund, but I would like to solve it and use it. So is there something I'm missing? Am I doing something wrong? I've read somewhere on the internet that people can get better latency with vpn for online gaming. With this experience it looks crazy to me 😛 I hope someone can explain me how people get better performance while playing under a vpn. Thanks for your help!
  2. I know you all just came out with VPN Hybrid which is WAY Better than Asus VPN Fusion By a LONG SHOT! =D I'm just hoping that you add features other that just the OpenVPN TCP or UDP and more than just PureVPN and HideMyAss VPN Providers 😃 I think what would be even more WAY Cooler is to add the Point – to – Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) , Internet Protocol Security or IPSec, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), Secure Shell (SSH) Functions, Etc. And if anyone agrees with respond below saying that you agree, let's let NetDuma see that we want these Features, even if it's not all of them are not possible the more feedback they get the more chances of having that particular feature implemented 😁, I feel like it can be done 😃 Hopefully the creator's of this awesome software can implement this into to Future Releases.😎
  3. Boldshoter30


    seem to have found a way to completely eliminate jitter for good, when I was running CAT 6 cables not 6A, even with anti-bufferbloat enabled set correctly I was still running into jitter on ping plotter, noticeable difference for gaming to, either was hit or miss, like always for me pinging twitter still gives jitter, but google straight as a arrow with CAT 7 Tera Grand from fiber Modem to XR500, and for the ps4, and my PC here is some screen shots down below.
  4. Destiny 2 was really laggy and hit detection took 1-2 seconds to register until i got the xr500 check out this game play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lgjvRx6CbI&t=164s My setup Monitor: RL2460ht BenQ Console: Ps4 Pro Sound: Astro A40 control: SCUF with custom metal body/buttons/paddle(in case i throw at wall) Netduma Settings: ISP: Bell Canada, add console IP to modem/routers DMZ settings, turn off modem routers wifi with DMZ and HDCP being the only things enabled disable everything else(disable UPNP), then make sure every device is connected to the XR500. Geo Filter device: Add console, and use destiny 2 profile(keep lowering the distance if you find games laggy) Anti buffer bloat: Set correct internet speed, set to when high priority is detected so that internet speeds are normal when not gaming, set download to 80% and upload to 80% Bandwidth allocation: Share excess enabled on both download and upload and give your console 30% download and 30% upload. Traffic prioritization: Keep dumaOS classified games checked(you do not have to manually prioritize your console). Advanced settings UPNP: enabled(If you are using than 2 consoles and you find that both do not have open Nat, set Nat filtering to open) Lan setup: put consoles IP under address reservation. Settings USB storage: uncheck enable media server. Ps4Pro Settings: Resolution: Automatic RGB: Full HDR: off Deep color: off Display area: smallest System settings: boost mode on and leave everything else to default Ps4 network settings: Auto Monitor Settings: look for game mode on your tv/screen and if you have an option for response time set it to fastest. Thought i would help people with their destiny 2 settings since forsaken is just around the corner. If you are in the Toronto/ New york area add me on psn or join my clan and we should play games together.
  5. Hello, I am having trouble connecting my netduma to the VPN HideMyAss. Seems like I have tried everything. I did follow the guides to the best of my ability. Please look at the screenshots and please advise me what to do Thank You. EB
  6. Bueyako1

    Thoughts IW - WW2

    Hey Netduma comunnity! I´ve been playing COD since the launch of the first one, all the this time has been a constant learning about connection, lag, lag comp, servers, netcode... some times It look´s for me more like a engineer than a gamer. Now it´s time to ww2, I´m now 170´s master prestige, so I´m so frustrated, why?, it´s simple, yesterday after some hit markers and 1 kd and lower ratio matches (my average in this game it´s fine 1.79) I decided to go to IW, I love that game (improved a lot since launch). The experience was flowles, every single match was a nuke chance, reached some high killstreaks almost 70% of the matches... etc. I´ve been improving my connection this last days, I´ve bought a XR500 Nighthawk, fiber optic, connected straight to the ONT-XR500 (no ISP router), I´ve changed old thernet cables (now CAT 7), and some config´s than let me play at 4ms to Madrid (Spain) activision dedi server. So, what´s happening to WW2 if I really noticed my high broadband quality in one COD and it´s not happening in the las one WW2 COD. I think that weapon balance is broken (did you see the shotgun with insendiary shells?, they kill you in one shot from 100 mtrs!, so the killstreak is more difficult to reach) , there´s a netcode issue that randomly make me shoot first and die first. What do you think about it?. am I the only one? Have a nice day
  7. I currently have 300Mbps internet with comcast. I'm using an Arris SB6190 modem and the Netduma router. When turning on Congestion Control and setting my bandwidth (300Mbps down/30Mbps up) it asks if I want to auto configure the settings for this speed. I click Yes and it does it for me. When the Congestion Control bars are both at 100% (download and upload) I do a speed test and it caps me out at 200Mbps. I have everything disabled in Miscellaneous except for letting Netduma save configuration changes and Turbo mode is on. I also Reset the distribution and Updated the distribution for all devices on my network (currently only my desktop PC hard wired via an ethernet 7 cable). I also have Share excess enabled on both the Download and Upload. From reading the FAQ having Turbo mode on should allow speeds of up to 300Mbps. If I turn on Super Turbo Mode I get my max speed, however it then does not allow Congestion Control to function. When purchasing this device I did read to make sure my 300Mbps would be supported with Congestion Control feature for my max connection from the link here: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000028079-what-do-the-miscellaneous-settings-do-Not really sure what to do at this point Please help. Thank you. PS: I have ipv6 completely disabled in Miscellaneous, WAN, and LAN. I also have it set to Reactive not pre-emptive.
  8. Hey Duma Nation! So here’s the thing: lately I’ve been having some issues with my Netduma when it comes to being able to establish a wired connection. Not so much in the sense that I can’t establish an internet connection in my PS4 but more In regards to finding games - after setting up the Netduma and connecting via a wired connection no games are found but when I switch back to Wifi in my PS4 I immediately get put into a game. I’ve tried many things like restarting the game, rebooting the router and doing a factory reset (which I know should only be done when you really need to), but nothing circumvents this problem. If anyone could help, I would gladly appreciate it.
  9. So, I'm in the market for a new router for multiple reasons. My current setup is with our verizon fios gigabit ethernet. My brother and myself both have ps4 and XB1 and to a much lesser extent, occasionally we'll dabble in some pc gaming. The biggest issue seems to be that when he's playing a fighting game on ps4, or I'm playing a title on XB1, any and all wifi connections (particularly from my father's cell) or the addition of any streaming (youtube, twitch, netflix) just destroys the gaming experience on either console, causing extreme frustration. Aside from that, certain times of the day, the connection can be extremely volatile for no apparent reason, and it's not always the hours you'd expect, leading us to look around to see if someone's using wifi or streaming services, finding nothing, and sometimes scratching our heads. I've read up on NetDuma and I'm confident buying the R1 would help immensely. In fact, I had all but made up my mind right before reading about the deal between Netgear and Netduma to bring the DumaOS to the XR500. I've done a little research, but I've had a hard time finding information differentiating the two hardware wise. If anyone could point me to a comparison website or give me information about the differences or potential advantages of one over the other, it would GREATLY be appreciated. Personal anecdotes and opinions as to which is better suited for my needs would be appreciated. We both use ethernet cables to directly connect from the router we have now to our consoles. As I stated, I'm mainly a console gamer, and spend most of my hours playing NHL 18, or various other sports titles, with some shooters (pubG on xb1, battlefield, cod, battlefront) mixed in on occasion. My brother is more of a ps4 fighting game fan, playing Dragonball FighterZ most recently, as well as Marvel, Street Fighter, and Injustice/Mortal Kombat religiously. So, anyone with an informed opinion, please weigh in and tell me why one would be a better choice than the other. At first glance, I feel like since they will have the same OS in April, the newer router with the newer hardware seemingly has an advantage, but, that's just a guess really, I haven't seen much about the specifications, nor do I know what measurable metrics would be most important for two console gamers looking to prioritize gaming traffic. Any help for a clueless gamer would go a long way since it's not often I have this kind of money to spend on my gaming hobby, and to make the incorrect choice would be a real bummer. It doesn't seem to be good business necessarily for NetDuma to state outright that Netgear's router is flat out better (despite the price difference), but the added cost makes me think that it may in fact be so, if not the age of the R1. Still, that's just an assumption based on those two factors, without proof, so any real tangible information or anecdotal experiences that someone could share would help. Thanks in advance!
  10. nfxcr3w

    Black Ops 3 Hungry for Kills

    Using the Pharo that gun is a beast. my go to gun now.
  11. Hi all. Just trawling through the internet on this fine morning and noticed that netgear have updated their website featuring the new XR500 and that it is coming soon to the UK and I presume Europe too. http://www.netgear.co.uk/npg/xr500/ B.D
  12. I was messing around with the Geo filter in netduma trying to figure out why sometimes I would get amazing games and some were just laggy and horrible. Someone mention on the forums that you should enter the headquarters before playing or looking for a public game. The reasoning behind this, so you will be able to connect to dedicated servers which is weird. I thought we are automatically connected to the dedicated server no matter how we start our game, but by doing this it was an amazing connection. I was connected to a Texas dedicated server and you would know this because it's a huge single circle, it would say temp band, and also it would sometime be the only big circle on the Geo filter. The gameplay was amazing, I even achieve my first V2 rocket. To stay on that dedicated server I had to stay in the lobby. If I tried to leave it would eventually search for another game and 5 out of 10 it would put me in a peer-to-peer lobby or another dedicated server. I even tried temp band most server and just connect to one. That doesn't do any justice on trying to consistently connect to the dedicated server. COD WW2 just really throw us all over the place when it comes to connecting to a dedicated server. I didn't have the netduma before black ops 3, but I knew bo3 wasn't bad when it comes to connecting to a dedicated server because it would tell you at the top right corner. I have to sometimes just back out of games until I get on a dedicated server. What are you guys opinion on the subject?
  13. I think I may have a defective unit. With just my ARRIS modem connected to the NetDuma via the Poe port, both connected to port 1, with nothing else connected I get no wireless internet. I can see and connect to the netduma r1 network and access the page but have no internet access. Any help would be greatly appreciated When I attempt to connect wired via ARRIS hybrid Modem/Router >>R1>>Linksys Router I cant connect to or r1/ It seems that I'm not getting a wireless signal and no wired connection leading me to believe its the R1. Connecting ARRIS>>Linksys works fine. Let me know if you require any additional information
  14. Bonjour a tous, J'ai reçu le routeur il y a peu. J'ai essayé de l'installer. Je possède une box fibre de chez red by sfr, et lors de l’installation du routeur, je sais que je dois entrer l'adresse mac du routeur dans l'interface de gestion du modem/routeur de sfr. Je me suis aidé de ce forum: http://bit.ly/2D01Wlc(forum officiel sfr). Apres avoir suivi les étapes, mon réseau habituel de chez sfr fonctionne, et le réseau Netduma R1 apparaît. J'ai essaye de me connecter a celui-ci, mais la connexion reste limitée. Je ne peut pas non plus accéder a Merci de votre aide. Cordialement, Arthur Ps: J'ai essayé avec les deux mac adresses sous le routeur mais aucune n'a marchée.
  15. Evangelisuk

    Dont delete this negative post thanks

    So after extensive use i can say Netduma only make my matches worse not better. I keep a low low ping of 14ms with the Netduma and geofilter set tightly around the Uk. When in matches with French/Dutch/German/Spanish the entire match becomes laggy - not just one person recieving a host/lag comp advantage. When i run the game with the Duma controls off i actually get more games that are playable and fun ( alot more and playable/fun doesnt mean me dominating the match, it just means no one who kills in 1 bullet or can move like neo from the matrix ) - not even heavily one sided games or games where some invincible person goes 50-3. Reducing ping and "Lag" does not currently help me at all in Cod ww2. Also thanks for moderating the shout box. P.s Didnt mean to post this in support
  16. ok, so i want to open the port 25565 so i can have a minecraft server to play with friends. I have tried literally everything suggested to me, i am just amazed it is so hard to do!! I think it has something to do with the connection between my modem and my netduma. My netduma is in the dmzplus mode of my modem. i just dont know if this can be resolved but if you have any suggestions i would appreciate it. also, i have upnp enabled right now and it automatically opened ports on my computer that i am trying to manually open ports on. when i test those ports online they are closed as well. do you think its possible that the online port checkers are inaccurate?
  17. Hi i am trying to open a port for a minecraft server. whenever i add the rule on the netduma and use a port checker online the port is not opened. I have my netduma in the dmz with my main modem. how can i get the port i want to open, actually open? any help appreciated.
  18. hi, bear with me im gonna provide as much info on the situation as i can. I have DESPERATELY been trying to port forward on my netduma. I have tried literally everything and cant get it to work, all i need is 1 port opened!! I have my R1 setup in my modems DMZplus mode, and its like my r1 just cant do port forwarding. i have assigned a static ip to my pc through the windows network settings, and the dhcp lease settings on my netduma. but even after doing all this and trying to get it to work whenever i test the port im trying to open it is always closed. If yall have any info on why this is happening or could help me out i would really really appreciate it!! thanks
  19. I want to thank Netduma team and specially Fayser for 1 on 1 support. I received my replacement router today which was very fast 1 service and it's working just the way it says. I am now getting 166/10 off my 150/10 virgin media broadband package. Thank you again.
  20. Hey everyone, wanted to first start off by saying truly enjoy the product. Would like to remove some frustration from gaming against those who are at a ping way outside my comfort zone 100-300ms (Didn't take the screen shot in time). When Peer Ping is selected and I'm seeing above average pings (my opinion) I don't have the luxury of trying to click on every circle to try and find which one is the culprit. I know we discussed this sometime ago, and with the recent update I was hoping to see that capability included. Is there a way we the end user could click on the culprit displayed on peer ping, and have the circle on the map turn the color of the bar being selected. That would make life a whole lot simpler, then to be out of the game trying to ping every single circle. Thanks!
  21. I received my Netduma R1 router today and tried to set up exactly the way the manual guide says. But as I hook up the router with my Super Hub 2 and put it on Modem mode, the Download and Upload speed almost went to non-existence. I tried to dig in through all the forum thread about similar problems and none of them seem to be helpful at all. I tried the Optimal Setting Guide http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000023979-optimal-settings-guide , checked the firmware which is up-to-date (i.e. 1.03.6h), tried to reset all devices, called in the Virgin Media Broadband Support Team and confirmed there is no issue on the ISP side. Therefore, could anyone please help me with this issue? Below is the before and after Internet speed. Thank you in advance.
  22. mrMARK808

    Upnp vs port forwarding

    Do u need to enable both on the Duma or just pick only one.
  23. Guardians our Destiny is here and im looking for Renegades to join my war on the darkness. We are the Renegades of humanity, we serve no alliance, we fear no foe and we will do what is necessary to save the Traveler. The Darkness is here and we are looking for all Guardians who have no allegiance to join our Renegades. We will fight our fellow guardians, we will scavenge our once Golden Age to build our arsenal and we will kick butt! To join Netduma Raiders please add your Battle.net / Blizzard App username below and I will add you to the list. Once I have interest I will setup the clan through the Bungie clan page. If you have any questions feel free to leave a reply and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Rise up and fight Guardians! ProJect
  24. Could someone please help in the midwest duma hasnt worked for days everytime i use it it says contact netduma cant pull anything up
  25. When ever i try to setup my VPN with Hide My Ass i get this error: [AF_INET] failed, will try again in 5 seconds: Connection refused and keeps repeating that message over and over again. The config file looks like this: client auth-user-pass ping 5 dev tun resolv-retry infinite nobind ;user nobody ;group nobody persist-key persist-tun ;http-proxy-retry # retry on connection failures ;http-proxy [proxy server] [proxy port #] ;mute-replay-warnings ns-cert-type server verb 3 ;mute 20 route-metric 1 proto tcp ping-exit 90 #show-net-up #dhcp-renew #dhcp-release #route-delay 0 120 #hand-window 180 <ca> -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIIE0DCCA7igAwIBAgIJAIaWiJ8tvvfkMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBBQUAMIGgMQswCQYD VQQGEwJHQjEPMA0GA1UECBMGTG9uZG9uMQ8wDQYDVQQHEwZMb25kb24xEzARBgNV BAoTClByaXZheCBMdGQxFDASBgNVBAsTC0hNQSBQcm8gVlBOMRYwFAYDVQQDEw1o aWRlbXlhc3MuY29tMQwwCgYDVQQpEwNITUExHjAcBgkqhkiG9w0BCQEWD2luZm9A cHJpdmF4LmNvbTAeFw0xNDA1MTMwNzQ1NThaFw0yNDA1MTAwNzQ1NThaMIGgMQsw CQYDVQQGEwJHQjEPMA0GA1UECBMGTG9uZG9uMQ8wDQYDVQQHEwZMb25kb24xEzAR BgNVBAoTClByaXZheCBMdGQxFDASBgNVBAsTC0hNQSBQcm8gVlBOMRYwFAYDVQQD Ew1oaWRlbXlhc3MuY29tMQwwCgYDVQQpEwNITUExHjAcBgkqhkiG9w0BCQEWD2lu Zm9AcHJpdmF4LmNvbTCCASIwDQYJKoZIhvcNAQEBBQADggEPADCCAQoCggEBAMyQ vosRoQjE/qNBzpVzU3Td0jS8z1h96BvqzNfVIK+yOuoe+/qv59q4Eo1R+kUnUlM9 KznYDmHxIBBID24Kak0nzBSLDHrK7RO70DYgj8jWteQYWk4G+Eu5kfO/ru6WYDcU Wq1ifHDEKbAJ8t2SgneAVCYcqwBRPJqsqkkMnrgNxdPU9yMVX4gxRqVvD0KIYgwl 4te7aF2i3tElM8fDatTmWqeIgoU1kOEqaZFT5lzeZP7sh0Q5h0QAJOKYPs6qgCH4 zv+74DCCSSR5Oh6oF5ssCX4GADaWqVH+pdDudLo3wxu81PN2K95jk7r25Dung7F9 a65cp+b/okLmWwZoyeMCAwEAAaOCAQkwggEFMB0GA1UdDgQWBBQjV1wN2kwuVDRa DQpk4p4HThtF4zCB1QYDVR0jBIHNMIHKgBQjV1wN2kwuVDRaDQpk4p4HThtF46GB pqSBozCBoDELMAkGA1UEBhMCR0IxDzANBgNVBAgTBkxvbmRvbjEPMA0GA1UEBxMG TG9uZG9uMRMwEQYDVQQKEwpQcml2YXggTHRkMRQwEgYDVQQLEwtITUEgUHJvIFZQ TjEWMBQGA1UEAxMNaGlkZW15YXNzLmNvbTEMMAoGA1UEKRMDSE1BMR4wHAYJKoZI hvcNAQkBFg9pbmZvQHByaXZheC5jb22CCQCGloifLb735DAMBgNVHRMEBTADAQH/ MA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBBQUAA4IBAQBtuQXAuxPkZH5hLUeK45dNHOj2TAtWs1WM+Kje SBPfzn1RQE8xwClcBEdpfiUi4lZ1X9OIq3Jri0T27YAaUk3bMqvk6Pzmida96yWY lxQjzitXsH7KyCCWmNBSIxF2M/sb2OX9vWdAINDawiFeEzNcqwx/LLyriZ+WxFyU 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