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Found 13 results

  1. rtlp

    BO4 DumaOS

    Salut les gars, Es ce que quelqu'un arrive à regler son GEOFILTRE correctement sur CALL OF DUTY BO4? Moi de mon coté j'ai beau bannir des hotes, elles reviennent sans cesse. Bref ça commence à me saouler serieusement! Merci par avance.
  2. Hi. I just setup my XR500. I am located in the a southeastern US state, but my geofilter is centered on California. Is that expected behavior, and if not can it be fixed?
  3. As right now i can see games like: Uncharted 4 Destiny Destiny 2 Last of us Halo: master chief collection Halo 5 Titanfall 2 These games dont work well with the Geo-filter, they either kick you out of the match or wont even connect to a game, Uncharted 4 has major issues it creates lag.
  4. Hello, I just installed the Nighthawk XR500 router in my home. I have an ISP modem (sky sr102) and nothing except the xr500 is connected to it. All devices in house connect to xr500. My Xbox one X is connected via cable to xr500 and NAT is open as I set my xr500 as a DMZ server in my ISP router and XBOX has static IP. My group filter is not working and the screen shows no hosts on the map when I'm playing games like Destiny or GTA. XBOX device is listed as XBOX in devices. Geo filtering is set to spectate, profile is set to Destiny and yet I don't see any remote hosts or ping detials. The screen just remain blank. I am using Chrome browser also on a Mac so no issues with browser. I have the latest firmware as the router installed it automatically yesterday. Please can you help with the configuration of geo filtering and let me know why it isn't working?
  5. I have used the R1 for years and finally picked up the XR500 I have setup my ps4pro under device manager to playstation Added ps4 to geo filter as a console - Filtering mode (also tried spectating mode) profile was set to destiny I can't see any servers or triangles or anything on the geo filter map Meanwhile... I setup my pc and it works - I can see servers and triangles on the geo filter PC is set to console (saw this in another thread) geo filter is set to spectating EDIT** Just setup my Xbox1X and everything populates xbox in device manager set as console under geo filter in filtering mode Can see servers and triangles
  6. I am trying to change my home location and geofilter distance to get a better chance of getting in a seasons game of FIFA on Xbox One. Whenever I navigate away from and come back to the geofilter page, the home location and distance and ping settings go back to what they were before. I think this may be affecting my ability to find a game. Any way to fix this?
  7. Hi, I’m looking for a new router, and I’ve read about the Netgear XR500 and its GeoFilter feature. I’m just a bit confused, I’m not sure if I understand it perfectly. Does GeoFilter filter the available servers and hosts or does it filter the players? I mean I play TC’s R6S, and there’s no player hosting, just the server, and just one: WEU (Western Europe). It’s perfect for me, I don’t want to change it, but it’s unfair playing against players, who are also connected to this WEU server from far away, therefore with high pings, I mean really high. So GeoFilter can filter these players, and let me play against only players who are in a selected area, or GeoFilter can filter only the servers? The first would be great, but the second is unnecessary for me (right now). Thanks for your help!
  8. Hi all. So I just picked up the XR500 a few days ago and so far pretty happy. One thing I can't figure out is why the geofiltering affects my LAN speeds. I have 2 Xbox One consoles. I put both of them into the geofiltering. I went to transfer a game over the LAN from one console to another and noticed I couldn't really get past around 35Mb/s between them. I knew before with my old router I got around 90Mb/s between the two. I turned off the geofiltering and it instantly went back to "normal" getting around 100Mb/s for the transfer. Needless to say, I did not turn geofiltering back on. Why did turning geofiltering on affect this transfer between my two Xbox's and how do I fix it? Should it really affect internal transfers between two devices that are in geofiltering on my LAN? Help appreciated.
  9. FoxOrigins

    Cod WW2 Geo Filter

    I was playing call of duty and I noticed with World War 2 it wasn't showing any of the hosts or players connected. I haven't had this happen with any of the other call of duty. Is this happening to anyone else and how could i fix it?
  10. mountainping

    General questions about NetDuma

    Hello! Had my eye on the DumaR1 and it's awesome looking Firmware for a while though just can't quite justify the $200 price. Though I have some questions to further spark interest, maybe you folks can help with some of these general questions. NOTE: Primary games Destiny 1 & 2 , then COD, then HALO5 || Consoles: PS4/XB1 How far can you zoom into map, possible to see the city that the host is in? can the geo filter see who is in my private match lobby in games like destiny? can you save any ping information to a server(say a bo3 server you had a great ping to) How accurate is geo filter Does the Duma and geo filter enabled add any additional latency to rtt? Because I have 2 routers. One adds no latency from the modems connection (open-wrt based router) and the netgear nighthawk 7000 adds 2-3ms of additional latency to the modems connection. can the geo filter always run in background and will it degrade performance if so? Does it work with games like uncharted 4? Can I save blacklist and whitelist profiles?say if I happen to reset to factory defaults or upgrade to a new os And how would I set it up with an existing router? I know to turn off dhcp on Duma and firewall, but what else could I do to ensure proficient use with it being behind another router I know the geo filter can usually find who is host in the game, but does it ever let you know when YOU yourself are host of a match? When you have teammates with you and want to search for a game in public matches, does ping assist work ? And how can I utilize geo filtering when my buddies are in my lobby
  11. Hello, I just recently purchased my Netduma R1 and received it on 5/16/17. I bought it mainly with Destiny in mind (wish I had known about the "destiny lag" discount but anyway.. I've got a few questions. 1.) When in the Geofilter tab, my circle shows my location being Charlotte, NC while i'm actually located just outside Myrtle Beach, SC. I've tested the location of two friends and their location is very accurate (zoomed in all the way, their circles are directly over their general area which is about 50-60 miles north of me). While I don't see this as a huge issue, it does slightly annoy my OCD tendencies when it comes to all things gaming. Is there maybe something I may have set wrong? 2.) Loaded "Destiny" profile and Trials went SOOOO much better Monday since It was not matching us with teams from Central/South America/Europe. It felt good to only lose to teams that were higher skilled or just simply outplayed us. But after the recent maintenance, I am getting pretty consistent "Beaver" errors even in regular Clash and Elimination. I increased the radius in Geofilter by a sizable margin (circle included ~75% of the US, a large portion of central america, and a good bit of Canada) and would still get beaver'd about every 3rd game while also dealing with +250 ping god players. 3.) My connection is only 30/5 with an average ping to local server of 10ms and the Netduma's internet diagnostics tool showed everything being either good or excellent. Monday before the destiny maintenance, I was getting host almost every match (at least my circle was the largest) and everyone in a 6v6 or 3v3 lobby had full green bars with a few exceptions of players in parties. After maintenance and having to increase the geo tolerance, my circle is usually the minimal size with lobbies full of yellow/red bars with mine even dropping to red occasionally. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of being host? Other details that may help; My ISP offers a pretty rock solid internet service even though it's cable. X1 is hardwired to router. X1 network details shows 30/5 with a 67ms ping to their servers (was in the 90s before Netduma) Tested on COD BO3 and was chosen as host 9/10 with connections I thought previously impossible in COD. One last question and i'll quit.. Will this work for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS for PC? I selected my PC as a service device and chose "xbox live" on the next step but haven't tried it out. I've quit playing it in the last 2 weeks due to the large amount of high ping EU and Asia players recently connecting to the NA servers making the previously minor lag/desync/rubberbanding a major problem for me. I just wasn't sure if you guys have looked into it yet. Thanks for all the help
  12. Hello everyone, I'm tired of seeing my 75ms+ ping on RB6 PC as I have a connection with 60 down and 6 up. My ping in speedtest is 24-30ms and I have optimized Netduma router settings. I disabled iPV6 and other things that decrease network speed especially multicast snooping. So it's not an issue on the settings side of things. I was able to have RB6 on PS4 always send me to a server in North Carolina which helped me stay at 60ms or below on PS4. However, I have noticed that I have no use for the Netduma since I've transfered to PC. I'm wondering if there's a way for my to get ping assist or host filtering to work on Rainbow Six Siege. I tried to enable the PC on the GeoFilter with the Xbox Live service as I have no clue how to use the advanced option. I enabled the CoD Ultimate Profile as it worked in many FPS games on PS4 for me, and I also tried to set the home location to my state and set the geofilter to a good location yet my ping remains the same if not worse. The geofilter is in fact in effect. I just don't think ping assist is doing its job as the CoD Ultimate profile didnt result in any good results. The geolocation is not doing good so I would like to enable the CoD Ultimate profile and set the ping assist so that it connects me to a server with that ping range, but it doesn't seem to work as I join lobbies with worse ping. Looking forward to your guy's tips and guidance!
  13. Un4given


    Can we add Hearthstone? Sick of losing matches because I'm playing someone is Russia....literally