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Found 12 results

  1. Geofilter active, PA active, getting server outside criteria can this be a misidentified location? Thank you
  2. I have my XBox One hardwired into the R1 running the DumaOS beta. If I set the geo filter to Strict Mode, I will search for a game in Black Ops 4 forever, but I won't get any games, sometimes it will kick me back to the main screen and won't even let me search for games. I'm seeing no servers or players on the geo filter map except seven or eight dedicated servers that flash as soon as BO4 launches. I'm in California so there are multiple dedicated servers within 400 miles. I've expanded the geo radius to all of North America and South America with no change. As soon as I take Strict Mode off, I'll get a game with a dedicated server in the midwest or east coast. I still haven't gotten a game on the Los Angeles dedi, which is what I normally played on the old OS. I've tried FLUSHING CLOUD, rebooting (soft and PUPD) and have cleared the cache on the XBox. I've also been trying to find the North American dedicated servers and add them to my whitelist/blacklist, but that doesn't seem to help. On the issue of finding the dedicated servers, I saw that the Duma staff is looking for help finding them all. Is there a master list somewhere that lists them by continent/country? I would suggest pinning such a list to the top of the BO4 support page. I'm hesitant to submit the five I've marked because I'm not sure they are accurate and with my geo filter acting funky, it's been hard to log many games.
  3. Hi, I cant seem to find the solution for my problem. I tried to set up the geo filter for pc fortnite. It never shows any servers when I am actually looking for a game. When I set my device up in the geo filter page, it does not let me choose fornite, it hasent update, even though I did everything with the cloud options in order to make it work. I tried setting it manually with pc fortnite ports and not even doing this, there still no signs of any servers while searcing for a game. Need help. i have set my fortnite setting to only choose NA-East servers, my main goal with this is sometimes I get shitty servers with lots of lag, I want to be able to identify them and bnlock them, but if they dont show then its impossible. Thanks
  4. I always have a connection outside of my radius showing up when I connect to Australia?
  5. Hello all, I've been having this issue for some time now but I never got around to actually trying to fix it till now. I have my geo filter set on strict and I have it on a 500 mile radius aroun where I live. I want to say about 50% of the time I connect to servers on the east coast. Mostly the North East servers. Probelm is I live in Los Angeles, Ca. I've tried all kinds of setting changes that I've read through the forums and I cant figure it out. I'm always getting a ping of 60 to 100. When I do connect to a closer server my ping is still above 40. Yet when I run a speed test i get a ping of 3 to 5. Now I know im not going to get a low ping like that all the time but I see people getting a ping around 5 to 20 all the time and they live within 10 miles of me. What am I doing wrong. Thanks in advance.
  6. Quick question: Why is my GeoFilter showing my friends location incorrectly? Also, is there anyway to correct this? Thanks!
  7. Everything has been great with my Netduma. I have everything set up the way I want to and it is working seamlessly. All of the sudden today I got on and went to open the host filtering page and it will not load. It is stuck in infinitely loading. I saw a previous post about this and I did all the things that the Netduma tech said to do for that particular person. I have factory reset the Netduma and let it sit 5 minutes powered off to delete its RAM etc. All the other screens open fine but the host filtering screen simply will not open. It just gets stuck in infinitely loading. I noticed for that particular person the Netduma team had to actually access their Netduma but the solution to the problem was never posted. Can someone please help me? This is very frustrating because I cannot use the Geo Filter (one of the main purposes of this product) if the Host Filtering screen will not open.
  8. I'm a recently new xr500 owner so don't shoot if this has already been covered. The issue i'm having is I live close to Atlanta,GA and every time i play on the call of duty ww2 server, i'm still behind in the gunfights. I'm constantly pinging the Atlanta server at 16ms yet i feel like it might as well be 200ms. If i'm doing something wrong by playing near my home please advise and thank you in advance.
  9. been using the r1 for a long time and loved it and i love the new dumaos so many new toys to play with. i noticed after the new update the geo filter does not ping the host server or the p2p anymore i loved that (was the second reason i got it) i love to see the game i'm playing tring to put me in a room across the world and knowing i wouldn't be put in the group and i love to be able to see the ping of the group i'm in. in its current state the geofilter is useless to me, no information at all just a map with a red circle and a line going around in it. is it b/c of the new profiles? what are the profiles doing? with the new patch my games have been umm (insert bad language) hit detection = crazy bad, lag = bad not crazy bad but bad, some games are better than others. why? i don't know b/c that information is no longer there for me to see! maybe i'm doing something wrong (im a male we do it all the time. don't tell anyone) i have a ps4 pro . i play destiny2 (now you know y i'm on tilt) geo filter set to destiny /Pc and profile set to destiny i've tried filter on and off i've tried spectating on and off i've tried auto ping on and off i've tried strict on and off thank you for your time and your great work
  10. Bonjour à tous, Si j’ai bien compris sur cod ww2 ps4, il y a des serveurs dédiés ainsi que du p2p. De façon régulière, lorsque que je tombe sur un SD (bouton temp ban visible) la co est vraiment pourri. Je cherche un moyen de bloquer ces SD de façon permanente. Y a t’il une solution s’il vous plait? Merci d’avoir pris le temps de me lire.
  11. Can somebody help me with this issue please... I will play a few games of call of duty WW2 back out of a lobby and try to join a new one, every so often it will struggle to put me in a game and say widening search lobby but my geo filter prevents that and everytime it does that my whole internet connection disconnects ethernet and wifi withing my household for about 5 minutes which is very annoying Is there some kind of fix for this and can somebody let me know if there is. Thank you
  12. I have my netduma connected via the cap6 to my fios router/modem combo with the rest of my network running through the netduma. The issue i am having is when I'm in the Host filtering feature no other hosts are showing on the geo filter, there is absolutely no activity on the geo filter what so ever. Screen shots in the attachments. Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 8.41.59 PM.zip Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 8.42.23 PM.zip