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Found 4 results

  1. Emoney

    Duma OS Logs

    Can anyone tell me what the Hell is going on with my Router please? I’ve been having issues playing BlackOps 4n Blackout. It seems to me that I’m seeing everyone I encounter late. The game begins to lag when I ADS an enemy player or when I’m engaging in a gun fight and when I die it feels like it’s instant. I bought an XR500 to not have these issues. I’ve done everything that’s been recommended for DumaOS optimal settings but it doesn’t seem to work. I took a pic of my log, if you can see what’s actually happening in the log and translate that to me in layman’s terms I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi guys, I have an R1 and I have the latest Duma OS. I am looking for some advice. My ISP is Sky and my main router is a Sky Q hub. I have my R1 connected directly to Hub. I have the majority of devices (phones etc) connected to the hub and I have my gaming things i.e. Xbox one x, PS4 and switch connected to the R1. The issue I am having is that rather randomly the R1 will freeze out all devices. When I try and login to the R1 at this point, (usually from my iPhone) it will say I have the incorrect WiFi to connect to the R1 meaning I have to hard reset the router. The Sky Q hub in my experience can be quite flaky but the R1 errors are becoming more and more frequent to the point were it is now a daily occurrence sometimes more than twice a day. Could I ask for some help to address the issue? Thanks for your help. Ian Williams
  3. rtlp

    BO4 DumaOS

    Salut les gars, Es ce que quelqu'un arrive à regler son GEOFILTRE correctement sur CALL OF DUTY BO4? Moi de mon coté j'ai beau bannir des hotes, elles reviennent sans cesse. Bref ça commence à me saouler serieusement! Merci par avance.
  4. NxrAa 91

    duma os

    salut j'ai obtenu un r1 il n'y a pas très longtemps mais j'aimerai savoir . je l'ai acheté car pensant qu'il y avait DUMA OS dessus mais hélas non . de plus j'ai pu constater sur le forum qu'il y avait eu des promesses concernant ce tout nouveau système duma os qui n'a pas été respecter . ma question est . Es possible de me faire rembourser le r1 pour pouvoir me pérmetre d'acheter le x500 . j'ai payé 200e le r1 et je veux pas payer 300e pour le x500 cela peut se comprendre ? merci bonne journée NxrAa