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So this is extremely backwards and makes no sense but a DS4 controller has less input delay wireless than it does over a wire. Just FYI
May 23 2017 12:37 PM
  • Yam Yam's Photo
    Yam Yam
    This interference you mention, I seem to get this now & again. Sounds weird but it only does it when I'm near a player that seems to be lagging ? Nothing concrete but it happens in Bo3 & TF2 I've noticed.
    Jun 13 2017 01:57 PM
  • Madman's Photo
    Wow! You would think hard wired would be faster. Did you try a different usb cable by chance, not saying you're wrong, just trying to rule everything out.
    Jun 15 2017 08:00 PM
  • iAmMoDBoX's Photo
    Yeah it's not the cable or my system. It's been tested many different ways. Bluetooth has about 50ms less input lag than wired. Also a gen 2 controller has more delay than a gen 1 controller.
    Jun 15 2017 11:48 PM