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  1. Jettman

    best huawei modem???

    hi guys so i currently live in AUS and i have heard a huawei modem is the way to go but i dont know what is a good one. leave suggestions below or a link
  2. Jettman

    Qos uplink bandwith

    it only lets me put 2 zeros in it
  3. Jettman

    Qos uplink bandwith

    hey guys this isnt about my xr500 but a netgear d7000. in Qos settings it has uplink bandwith with kbps/mbps but i dont know what to set it to. i get about 95 down 35-36 up. i tried putting in 35mbps but my whole internet didnt work. can someone help me out here cheers
  4. can someone please help, i cant find these items anyway. cheers make sure its a cat 6
  5. hey guys does anyone know the best adsl/vdsl cord that plugs from the socket to the modem. please link a website to the best one thanks
  6. hey guys i live in australia and when i test for bufferbloat the sever for australia and asia r broken. is there any other websites i can test on ?
  7. hi guys i brought the xr500, great product but i just seem to die quicker and my hit feels ass. i switched back to the r1. has anyone done this??
  8. Jettman

    best vdsl modem ??????

    hey guys i was wondering if anyone knows what the best vdsl modem is. i am currently using a modem router in one but everyone is saying its the best if you go separate. any help is appreciated.
  9. hey guys so always play with a ethernet cable. lately ive been getting rinsed on cod and my hit detection was horrible. i swapped over to wireless and my hit detection was way better and i am melting people. i thought ethernet was always better. someone tell me how this is happening
  10. Jettman


    Hey jack! I’m not getting any spikes on ping plotter and I don’t think it’s the games net code. Could you maybe take a look and see if everything is set up to perfection
  11. Jettman


    Hey guys so i've been with netduma since the early adaptor. i really have loved the product but it seems to be going downhill for me. so i recently got the xr500 about 3months ago. at the start it was going perfect, i was winning most of my gunfights on black ops 3 overall with like a 4kd. for the last like month and a half i just cant find the right settings and alot of you know how frustrating it is when u try and find the best setting for yourself and you just cant. nothing seems to work. my hit detection is off, im dying so quick and i've tried every setting possible with the cc sliders. im getting to the point of thinking about packing it up and selling it cause i see no hope. i just dont know why when i find one decent setting it goes away. i don't know if it could be the other modem/router that its connected because that maybe causing something not to get the fullest out of the xr500. its connected to an d7000 Netgear nighthawk modem/router and that has the wifi turned off upnp off, qos turned off and dmz is set to my xr500. my home ping is roughly 11ms and the servers i connected to on bo3 in AUS is 21-22 ms and my line is perfectly fine. i really just don't know what the solution is. you guys could take a look and maybe theres something im missing but idk if i can go on with this frustration trying to figure out the perfect setting. hope you guys can really help me i also have 95down 35up roughly
  12. Jettman

    xr500 support Cod

    i live in AUS so isn't there only 1 sever for bo3