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  1. I just got a new modem and got it activated so I factory reset my xr500 and got it set up again. Now when I go to play cod ww2 on both the ps4’s I have, the high priority traffic light lights up red but the packets don’t go up and then the light goes off when I go to play the game. Can I get some help?
  2. Mitchie_OG

    wifi access point issues

    In the nighthawk settings you mean? When I connect my router to my netduma and set the netduma up properly, I should be able to use my 5G wifi but I get extremely low speeds regardless if I have turbo/super turbo enabled. Surely I should be able to get more than 5 mbps wifi off of this setup right?
  3. When I go to put my nighthawk router into AP mode and connect it to my netduma, for some reason I only get like 5 mbps wifi with the nighthawk. I'm pretty sure I have it setup correctly so how come I get basically no speeds through my nighthawk wifi with it plugged into my netduma? Any help would be very appreciated..