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  1. TrayDay

    Spectating Mode- Blackout

    You have it set to "spectator mode". This mode is disabling the geofilter but still having the console listed there. If you check/tick "filtering mode" you will then be connecting to what is inside your circle. Especially if "strict mode" is enabled from the ≡ symbol next to Geo-Filter Map and "strict mode" is ticked.
  2. TrayDay

    Netduma R1 setup

    Normally, anything under 100ms, is deemed playable and a comfortable experience. Sometimes, you will find that you playing on a server that's 25ms, is bad experience due to some other facts I won't go into, but your ping will be jumping all over the place. Whereas, perhaps playing on a server that's 50ms, it may be more stable and a better experience. That's why it is suggested to use P.A. 50ms.
  3. TrayDay

    2 questions on ping assist

    Glad to hear it working. As this reminded me of the old way some would do it on the original OS. Ping Assist v2, is too smooth. - Tray
  4. TrayDay

    Upnp problem

    This is something that is known bug with the DumaOS. What I usually do, I would power down my console. Then I would head into the DumaOS settings and disable UPNP. I would then reboot the router. I would wait about a minute or two, and then once it's fully booted. I would head back into the settings and Enable UPNP. Then power on my console, and go to the playstation or xbox network settings and click "test internet connection". Then I would boot up said game i.e. COD, and check if it's open NAT. As you mentioned, original OS works, so this should work. - Tray
  5. TrayDay

    R1 and 1000 mbps connection?

    The speeds with the QOS will be hindered, but you will be able to use the R1 with those speeds if you disable the QOS and enable "Super Turbo" feature.
  6. TrayDay

    Hope this Helps

    It's quite interesting to me that when you change the router DHCP address, you will get a different experience. You mentioned the iqrouter having it's Lan Anddress being one thing, your home router and Duma being another. Seems like to me that much of the information that being different from each of the routers is also the mac address being used, with the possibility a change in the actual dynamic address that is sent from the IP to the modem then to the router. Reason I say this is because, ISP know the name and model of the router just based of the mac address that is input into their database. So as you was cycling through the various routers(of course mac associated with them), you was given a IP for that device. I find it quite interesting just changing the LAN address the router connects, would be a significant change in what is happening here. I would say this would be quite the rarity that I heard about such a case, but as you mentioned about the actual location showcasing false information i.e. fort polk. Just my hypothesis, but if the change in router address and DNS is helping, that's great news to know you're experiencing fun gaming. - Tray
  7. HPTD is for applications that is latency sensitive, i.e, gaming. As you mentioned about R1 old firmware, you had some minor issues with. The DumaOS utilizes a different algorithm, and should be able to handle your netflix; smart blu-ray player. What you could do with the downloading of the PC, in the prioritization flower/circle. Lower the amount of bandwidth the pc can utilize. Which the DUmaOS now allows to set a good desired amount when you click on the device in the tree of devices connected to the Duma on the left side of the QOS menu. Click the PC, then on the right side should see the amount you would like that device or this case, PC, bandwidth it will utilize. You would have to do since it will HOG or take away from the devices if it was all equal in the flower/circle I would assume. Something I would do is possibly set the main sliders to about 90% for download and upload and then click the PC and lower the amount of bandwidth. As netflix for 1080p needs 5mbps and for 4k it needs 25mbps according to netflix FAQs. So that should give you roughly an idea how much is needed for you smart blu-ray and PC allocation. - Tray
  8. TrayDay

    Getting error code on ps4 every day

    I doubt that the DumaOS would cause such an error. As I've received that error numerous times before while only using my other router. Sometimes hiccups will happen, as corrupted saved files can happen. Sometimes I would just backup my saved files to a USB or to the Playstation Cloud from the local drive. Then I would delete the saved files from my local ps4 drive and redownload them from the PS cloud or USB. Usually helps, as it's a bandaid fix to try.
  9. TrayDay

    Using my netduma at a college campus

    The DHCP of the Netduma will be easier for the settings of the geo-filter to work. The IP given from the campus, will be the WAN IP of the Netduma. Thus having the DHCP enabled in WAN will be beneficial into getting that very IP the Campus will give you. The DHCP in the LAN side is what the netduma router will assign for the LAN network interface. Leave both enabled for automatic to make it easier for you. You then can go into the device manager of the netduma and see your console/pc there and should be able to change the name of the device(if it's not the only device in the list). Just to make it easier for you to see the console/pc when selected what device you want to use the geo-filter for. Just to be safe, when setting your geo-filter for the device. Make sure the device is turned off. Just so no ports or anything gets mixed up. It's not mandatory but if you want to, it's up to you on turning the device off. But again, if not, it's fine.
  10. TrayDay

    I am DONE!

    I mean in past titles of the franchise. We would only have to deal with this on a slight level. But in BO4, it's just terrible how many people can skip between frames and on their screen in the killcam, they are fine with only being affected slightly.
  11. If it 's anything like the PS4. Sometimes you can either a) Run a network diagnosis test or speedtest in the network settings of the xbox with it under automatically for the settings. So it will grab the ip you have set in the router. b) powering off the xbox one completely, with unplugging it after you have turned it off. Leaving it unplug for about 1-2 minutes. Then plugging the power cable back into the xbox and running the speedtest in the xbox with the settings set to automatically.
  12. TrayDay

    Got Nat Open, Now can't join Lobby :(

    Seems many are having quite the issue here. Here's a post with a way to get back to joining games. Try putting console in rest mode and changing settings then powering back on, join a game.
  13. TrayDay

    Announcement: DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3

    That's great news to hear that you guys have successfully implemented the HybridVPN as well as ping assist utilization. Hopefully when receiving the DumaOS firmware. The 1.3 milestone will be along with it. But if not, it's definitely nice knowing that it will be coming sooner than later. Truly having R-Apps is a step forward, as you guys had gone from taking baby steps to strides and will continue implementing awesome features. Them tick rates, only the Duma team would understand how much that is for the gamers and already steps ahead in getting that process going for the gamers. Thank you Netduma. For bringing fourth a product for the gamers through it all you persevere. Thank you! - Tray
  14. TrayDay

    Bo4 Server

    You're welcome, let us know how it goes.
  15. TrayDay

    Bo4 Server

    You should be able to move the location by clicking on the Pin next to the magnify glass in the top left and click the pointer on top of Florida. This should move the geo in desired location.