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  1. TrayDay

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    I haven't touched any of the multiplayer yet as I want to have a fresh experience playing on DumaOS when I receive it in a few days. But I have been playing the specialists stories which is pretty much like playing local offline against bots. I've been enjoying the game so far, and actually find it interesting they went this route for the campaign-isque type of feel. As I do feel this the true masonry or foundation for the treyarch titles that will follow afterwards. I enjoyed blackout and multiplayer from beta and from reading comments and a few videos. Seems like something I'm going to enjoy playing online as well. - Tray
  2. Nice workaround as it will help those that will encounter a similar issue. I believe at a later date, the ability to configure the DNS will come as this is the early stages. Thanks for the information Morpheuzs. - Tray
  3. TrayDay

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello Zippy, Welcome to the forum. I agree with there being many claiming to be gear towards the gaming community when it comes to those claiming that per say router specifically targets that group. But I assure you Netduma most certainly have the OS for doing just that for the gaming community. I wouldn't have purchased their product if I thought otherwise when doing my own due diligence when checking for a plug and play router for the gamers. Again, welcome to the Duma Army. - Tray
  4. TrayDay

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    Aww I'm a bit late to the news. Oh well, I wait a little more until I can install. Hopefully I can before black ops 4 release. Thanks Duma team for posting this thread and giving notice to the sign ups. - Tray
  5. TrayDay

    VPN Users Required

    Thanks, I wouldn't mind the firmware with hybrid VPN at a later date. Do you use the VPN Hybrid feature on the original R1 firmware? Yes I been using VPN for my devices especially on my amazon firesticks and chromecast What VPN Provider do you use? I have been using SigaVPN
  6. Soon will be able to to enjoy DumaOS on the O.G. R1. Not a day go by without me thinking about A1 man. He would be so proud and happy just as much as I. Thanks Guys!
  7. TrayDay

    Duma Army @ Le Mans

  8. TrayDay


    This is pretty incredible, in a single TDM match and not domination. You was a madman lol.
  9. Definitely nice to know DumaOS release date and to know that the R1 will indeed have the anti jitter. But at a later date as it is on the roadmap. So with that said, would say it's probably best to wait it out then. But probably still get it(xr500) later down the line but so far R1 is still getting updated.
  10. TrayDay

    Happy New Year #DumaArmy

    Happy New Year! [ 2018 ]
  11. TrayDay

    Dedicated Server Lag spikes?

    Not entirely sure why then just possibly faulty server with it being a server COD uses to connect mass amounts of players to. So I could see why its not stable. As similar case happens to me as well in California because well it is California and a mass amount of players are put on the server. Just one possible reason, as you mentioned you do have gigabit fiber so my assumption.
  12. TrayDay

    COD WW2 Server Locations Wrong

    Are you seeing the same ID;s? if it is the same ID and it's not labeled as a server. You're more than welcome to input the ID findings in this thread and the dev team will look into it. http://forum.netduma.com/topic/18965-cloud-incorrect-locations/
  13. TrayDay

    Good luck with the Christmas noobs

    Oh you should know how to algorithm go by now. Lol. They have to give the beginners that feel good cheese. Keep them coming back for more and more.
  14. TrayDay

    Charter Internet {Terrible}

    Welcome to the dark side bro lol. I've been saying this about spectrum(time warner) ever since I had them and started doing my testings. It's the merger no doubt, and I've ALWAYS had bad routing and the pings NEVER stable but I do have so low pings from time to time. Bufferbloat I'm always gonna have no matter what I do, in DSLreports, there's always gonna be some color red, yellow, but I do get it low as low as 23ms idle, and around 25ms for download and upload. But doing a pingplotter, never going to have that stable close to flatline ping on time warner(spectrum) cable connections. Always see ping spikes/jitter, but just something I've got used to in hopers perhaps DumaOS would be able to alleviate some of this as wishful thinking as that may be on my part, I doubt it. But none the less, Duma has been good to me and I have been having some pretty good games, GEOF. helps as well. But As far as having NO color in my bufferbloat chart as I see many are able to rid of on their connections with Duma CC and some other QOS. It just clear to me that it's my ISP i.e Time Warner(Spectrum) is a no go for gaming. At least Xfinity have a gaming package, time warner(spectrum) is focus on bandwidth(right now) it seems. So yes, I can get my ping down, but as far as being "stable" or "no" bloat at all. I cannot on this ISP connection lol. I wish you the best of luck bro in trying to get them to see what you see. If it's not broken, and you have internet. That's as far as you're getting help with them even goes with some of the members on their forum, time warner that is. I don't know about charter, but since it's a merger. Support should be similar now. But again I don't know just my guess.
  15. I had used this to get DMZ setup on multiple connections I had with the ERL. Always worked, Give it a try, https://community.ubnt.com/t5/EdgeMAX/How-to-set-up-DMZ-firewall-rules-for-multiple-public-IPs/m-p/715331/highlight/true#M22960